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November 22, 2007

La Body, La Rear and La Rectum

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La Body is very confused and feeling really caught in the middle these few days. La Rear has been complaining no end that La Rectum is causing unnecessary work for it.

“La Rectum has taken to behaving like an unreasonable child!” exclaimed La Rear.

“La Rectum must learn to control own movement and not cause unreasonable activity so many times in a day!!!”

“La Body, you must discipline La Rectum! La Rectum is causing us unnecessary work and disturbs the enjoyment of La Body kingdom…, everybody has to work extra…, nobody is getting any benefit from La Rectum’s undesired releases…” whines La Rear on and on and on.

La Body, the mild mannered entity and elected leader for the HUMAN kingdom was really perplexed. Why La Rear whines so? Why is La Rectum doing so? So much noise! Too many movements!

Poor La Body, who is also an exceptionally laid back leader was really caught in the middle this time. La Body was never asked to take actual action against its own members before. Never before has anything crossed its feeble mind that it might have to face such a situation. Nobody told La Body that the day would come where it has to do clean up some dirty work and come up with solid solutions for its members’ happiness.

“Oh dear, I have not learn this at school before. My teacher did not teach me how to at school. My organisation has not conducted any training to prepare me for such task!” “I cannot ask La Brain to allocate too much resources to solve this kind of problems. Worse, La Brain’s capacity is maxed already!” screamed La Body silently.

And the silence rebounded back and forth as La Body snoozes into its regular deeeeeeeep sleeeeep. Whilst the whole kingdom rocks again and again to the accompaniment of aromatic releases of La Rectum.

**Specially dedicated to short sighted political leaders of all denominations in Malaysia.


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  1. Of course la, garbage in sure garbage out lor, pity La Stomach, La Intestine, La Rectum ………La……

    Comment by giligulu — November 23, 2007 @ 12:47 pm

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