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November 26, 2007

HINDRAF rally – Ordinary people’s feelings…

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I hear and understand your feelings…

“…Imagine if you’re in their shoes.. dahlah berkumpul dari awal pagi, exhausted, some of them came from god knows where, dengan tak makannya, dengan tak minumnya, tambah lagi kena panas.. pastu kena tembak tear gas and water cannons. Majority diorang pun bukannya orang senang. They felt marginalized you see.. but salah satu punca utama pun is their leader yang cannot deliver. Asyik mengauta je keje, maka golongan yang naive ni pun ikuut je.

Memang betul demonstrasi macam ni bukan cara untuk menyelesaikan masalah, tapi mungkin dengan cara macam ni sajalah politician yang leka tu akan take notice masalah diorang. Maybe dah takde jalan lain or perhaps desperate. I dont blame them totally.”

“Im not really good in politics, not interested pun nak ambik tau because pada pendapat aku most of politician are full of bullshit. Cakap itu ini, diorang makin kaya.. rakyat nak carik duit makan pun macam nak mati. Talk is cheap! Yang betul-betul patriotik dan buat kerja boleh dibilang ngan jari.”



  1. I agree to the above comments. What had happened on last Sunday? This is suppose to be a peaceful marching but ended up with violence. First of all the violence was started by the police and authority personals. This is absolutely all something of their tactics to disperse the group. First of all the HINDRAF leaders have gone with correct procedure and bound to Malaysians rules by applying the permits, but we would like to know what could be the reason the permits was rejected by the police and the high court has released an order to not assemble. Again an appeal was made with proper procedure, yet it was not approved. WHY? So what are the rights to say this is an illegal gathering?

    When Malay Muslims which better to be known as “BUMIPUTRA” had such gathering, an example during the IRAQ” invasion led by US force, Malaysia Muslim were gathered US high commission in Malaysia to protest and sent over their memorandum. What is this is a legal one? If this has been considered as legal protest against IRAQ I believe the similar peaceful act by HIDRAF is also to be a legal one either.

    What the hack that government is using their force to discrima the minority. Why such not did to their own race when they had assemble in front of US embassy. In Malaysia we Indians have been fed-up with the entire ruling and the way how Malays conquer the whole government and non-governmental sectors. Who de hell is they? They are telling us that we are from India. Yes of course we are form India but this is our ancestors and not we. We are born in this country and having a right of citizenship. In fact who does say that the Malays are forming this country? When referred to the history they were from Hainan, one of the provinces from China. So who are they? They too a 3rd class to this country but taking the ownership the entire country and accusing others that they were immigrants. So what makes the government to be bios to one ethnic within their citizenship? Is this something so called discrimination or else what is the better word of English to be known as? When Malay Bumiputra intend to buy a house a 7-10% of discounts to be given and this is a mandatory privileges should has to be given by the developer and forced by the government. If the developer won’t give this privilege, their construction company will be closed down? So the question is why such privileges are only for Malay bumiputras. Don’t the government has seen other races also suffer with poverty. So why such privileges has not given to other races or ethnics whom has the same right and citizenship?

    Those days I still could remember that, hardly can seen a CAR owned by Malays and no cars driven by Malays on the road. However today, out of 10 cars, 8 to be owned by Malays and out 8, 5 to be an imported luxury cars. So where de money comes from? I believe this is the time Malaysian has to reshuffle their whole administration and ruling systems. Otherwise I am having doubt that Malaysia will be leaving in peaceful and who knows that one day a similar racial riots (13 May 1969) may invoked again in Malaysians history and many innocent will surely die due to the increase in racial bios and discrimination.

    Comment by Indian — November 29, 2007 @ 12:09 am

  2. Thank you, Indian, for your voicing your concerns. I hear you.

    I too have asked the same questions before.

    Being too curious to hold it in any longer, I went and made some contacts within the system and outside of the system to find answers. [ Cannot help it, me a monkey by chinese zodiac 😉 ]

    Piecing the bits of information from here and there, I found that it is an interesting mix of a historical background, some positivity and some negativity which analysts say shows a lack of think through, poor management of policies and its implementation.

    Let me try to put all this into perspective and respond to you in my next post.

    Comment by bananachinese — November 29, 2007 @ 12:37 am

  3. My Dear commentor, mr/ms Indian;

    I hear you too. Before I proceed, let me just say I feel about you. Nobody wants to be poor. Nobody wants to be ignored. Nobody wants to be abandoned. Nobody wants to be less important just because they dont have $$$$ in their banks or drive a certain car.

    For the record, I am malay and could only afford a second hand proton, and still paying. For the record, many malays that I know can only afford a motorbike. Forget about KL-everybody drive big cars in KL and theres so many credit schemes these days. Go outside of KL and see. Malays are poor too- and whats sad is we are poor in this so-called “malay land” or “malay muslim land” or “muslim land” or whatever. For the record, many malays work as fishermen and postman and delivery boys etc- all those very “low-class” jobs. We are the “pribumi” of this land so-called, but we serve the others who are mainly non-malays and who are actually the real “masters” of this land.

    About the Iraq thing- of course they send memorandum to US high commission because it is relevant. They are protesting to US who invades Iraq. It is only relevant then to hand it to US and not malaysian government. That is common-sense my dear Indian. And the protest to US government is not just by malays but by all races and not just in malaysia but everywhere in the world.

    But to hand in memo to the Queen of Britain?? Why?? What is the relevance? We are not under Britain anymore? We are independent now. I dont think so Indians whom mostly are very poor in India, would hand in memo to the Queen in Britain to complain about their authority knowing that India belongs to india and NOT Britain anymore?? Dont you feel it is rude and extremely insensetive of any indian citizen to complain to britain about India knwing that india belong to India alone? Please respect the sovereignity of Malaysian government !

    Malays are given 7-10% discount for buying a house? Yet most malays still cant afford it. And we could always just take the “RIGHTS” route and claim we cant afford it because alot of our land and properties and jobs etc have been given away to non-malays. But we dont go that route. We malays understand that everybody are just trying their best to get an honest and decent living.

    How about JKR and toll? its dominated by indians. We really cant say much. How many malays find troubles to get good projects from this section of the ministry because all priorities are given to indians? Toll keep rising and we are burning but we dont go to the streets and to the nets condemning and saying hurtful things about indians.


    Please dont say malay muslims have it all. We really dont. Nobody have it 100% in this land, not even the so-called “malay muslims”. Malays too have to compromise and give so much in their very own (and only) ancestor land. You are hurt, so are malays. Stop condemning and blaming. There are rich and poor in every race, even in the so-called muslim malays race (which makes the majority of malays).

    Lets be sensetive to each others’ feelings. We all have to compromise in this multi-racial land. In the end, non of us really have control on what goes on in this land. Its the people with $$$$ who really can play the game and set the rules- no matter what race they belong to.

    Comment by I'm Malay — December 2, 2007 @ 6:43 pm

  4. Dear I’m Malay,

    I hear you.

    Please see my comment in today’s posting.

    Comment by bananachinese — December 3, 2007 @ 11:31 am

  5. Dear I’m Malay.

    The government have provided so much privileges to all you Malays in the form of lands, fertilizers, quotas, discounts, guranteed seats in universities, loan privileges, government contracts business licences, illegal hawking authorised, double standard law enforcement,
    protectionism from competition in the form of Halal products, business monopoly and many more advantages over the 2nd class citizens of Malaysia. Yet it is appalling/annoying to hear that the governement saying that the Malays are still far behind. Why? It is all one reason, when something is given free you all take it for granted and never really work hard. You know very well when you fail, the government is there to backup. I don’t mind if governement spoon feed your community but do not impose unnatural hindarance by double standards and favouritism. If I am given just one of the advantage eg land I would have gone far in my life.

    Comment by Scorpstar — December 3, 2007 @ 1:29 pm

  6. Probabaly the governement is genuine in being fair to all while maintaining NEP but the root problem lies in the government DELIVERY SYSTEM controlled by some SELFISH and RACIST beings!

    Do you the ministers know what is actually happening at the ground level? Do you know, many indian students in national schools are being purposely humiliated, provoked, insulted, called by names by not students but TEACHERS. Numerous complains but no actions because the delivery system is controlled by majority Malay and all being dismissed as wild accusation.

    What’s happening here is actually apartheid in working towards the Indian community.

    Comment by Scorpstar — December 3, 2007 @ 1:40 pm

  7. Dear Scorpstar,

    I hear this from you:

    “The government have provided so much privileges to all you Malays…”

    Do you mean ALL Malays in Malaysia including Baling or far away places in the jungles of Sarawak? Or do you mean all Malays in city of Kuala Lumpur? Not every Malay has tasted the benefits because many factors came into play before reaching the ground level; stuff like, lack of academic qualification or skills to access business resources vs self imposed satisfaction with peaceful simple life.

    Its natural to feel like living in apartheid when all emotions fall into dark oppressive pits. The community thinks it has a problem. Solving a problem takes efforts on all stakeholders in the community eco-system.

    If you go to a turnaround expert, he/she will ask you these questions to solve the problems: What failed? Check all the people involved: from the oppressed to the deliverer – what has been or hasn’t been done by stakeholders? How to enable the oppressed? What about the role played by the community? How can they contribute to their own community in terms of access and resources? What needs to be improved? How to make sure delivery works? [You are right on this key success factor]

    You mentioned the poor Indians. I’m Malay mentioned the poor Malays. Have you ever heard of poor Chinese? I can bring you to see them.

    Comment by bananachinese — December 4, 2007 @ 2:26 am

  8. How many of you here really know about 13’th May 1969? How much do you all know the meaning of apartheid? How long you want peace in Malaysia? How do you feel as a Malaysian? Have you ever thinking the result from that incident? Do you know who behind it? Don’t just talk emotionally. Think wisely. I don’t ever want “13’th May 1969” happen again. Why don’t you all do some reading about how Malaysia get “Merdeka”. How much blood were spill. How many people die. Don’t make this thing bigger. No one will get advantages if “13’th May 1969” happen again. There will more pain in your heart. We all live in Malaysia. This is our land. Protect it. Love it. For 50 years we can live peacefully with each other. Why this now?

    In my opinion…there some people want to make all Malaysian fighting each other. Riot won’t solve any problems. Its only will cost you more than you can imagine.

    Comment by Fairuz — December 10, 2007 @ 2:57 am

  9. Indeed, Fairuz.

    Why this now?

    Something must be wrong somewhere making our people unthinking and unknowing. Any suggestions where this wrong can be unwrong?

    Comment by bananachinese — December 10, 2007 @ 1:11 pm

  10. If intolerant policies of malaysia are continued, it will lead on to genocide against religious minorites, which in turn leads onto world powers intervention

    Comment by Micahel Blackman — December 11, 2007 @ 8:00 am

  11. Micahel Blackman,

    I’m listening.

    What are the elements that made you arrive at your conclusion?

    To aid our discussion, please give examples of intolerant policies.

    Would Malaysian people do that? Why? What, in your opinion, could help Malaysia overturn the ‘grievances’ you have mentioned and move on with a better way?

    Any blue ocean strategy that can be used that will not cause any inconveniences to everybody?

    Comment by bananachinese — December 11, 2007 @ 11:10 am

  12. there is no need to argue with their “Racist” goverment. No need to find solution for them. waste your time only. let’s independance penang. like singapore. ask all non-bumi to Penang. Presidence is indian or chinese also nevermind we vote fairly but must treat all race must equality only. Although Penang is part of Kedah but Singapore is also part of Johor. why not

    Comment by chinese guy — December 18, 2007 @ 9:51 pm

  13. Dear chinese guy,

    How to ‘independence’ Penang? How to ask all non-bumi to Penang?

    I guess you realised too that it is not possible to to segregate particular race to live in a particular zone. I myself will find it very limiting to live in a particular zone only this lifetime. But I agree with you ‘must treat all race equally’.

    Let’s try a better and a more palatable way to live harmoniously with each other.

    Peace and love, people!

    Comment by bananachinese — December 19, 2007 @ 1:38 am

  14. Sedarlah,
    adakah anda ingin pulang ke india,
    adakah anda yakin kehidupan yang hebat di sana,
    jika itu surga anda,
    Jangan cuba merampas milik orang Melayu,
    Ini tanah orang Melayu,
    Bersainglah untuk terus hidup,
    Andainya anda fikirkan, biarlah hidup susah senang di negara sendiri,
    orang melayu pun tidak mahu anda semua datang ke tanah melayu.Tuntut tanah ibu bapa kamu di negara asal kamu.
    Jika anda fikir anda rakyat Malaysia yakin dan tekadlah bahawa kamu masih ada tempat disini.
    Bersaing untuk kehidupan yang selesa bukan nak merampas hak milik Melayu.


    Comment by chino — December 19, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

  15. It will be nice to see Penang got its independence, Dr Koh run it so well , i will apply to be the first citizen of Republic of Penang.

    Comment by Victor Peng — December 21, 2007 @ 12:06 pm

  16. yes you are part right bananachinese but instead you waste you time in finding solution with our Goverment, why not we find the solution with Premier Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore if he can liberate Singapore from Malaya why not other Chinese guy like us cannot liberate Penang from Malaysia. Remember Mr. Lee said: Can you describe What is “Malaysia is for Malaysian”. then “Who is real Malaysian”

    Comment by chineseguy — December 21, 2007 @ 4:12 pm

  17. What is malay origin from? Malaysia? No. some say they from jawa and sumatra and some say sounthern china and siam.
    “What is Malaysia for Malaysian”.
    “Who is realy Malaysian”
    Why we waste time to find solution with Malaysia Goverment when they can’t provide no solution at all. Why not we set-up a indepadance party like Singapore “PAP” which is lead by Premier Lee Kuan Yew. i think he know the answer for all the question that have ask. we must “Indepandence Penang”.

    Comment by chineseguy — December 21, 2007 @ 6:59 pm

  18. Hello Chino,
    Kami bukan Melayu or bukan Islam memang nak bersaing untuk keselesaan.Tapi tangan kami diikat.So bagaimana nak bersaing?..kenapa diskriminasi?..Kami adalah warganegara seperti kamu….Adakah ini adil?..Kamu yg takut utk bersaing.bukan kami…..Kami dilahirkan utk bersaing..Kamu dilahirkan utk menikmati hak istimewa!…..

    Comment by rocco — December 21, 2007 @ 9:16 pm

  19. Hi chineseguy,

    My chinese genes just instructed me to do the practical thing – the most practical and do-able option is in finding solution with our Government. The option you suggested to find solution with LKY is not workable lar… He doesn’t have any locus standi in matters relating to our country.

    Hi rocco and chino also,

    I received a lot of emails telling me that we should be looking back to tracing roots of race to win this war of claiming ‘bumiputraism’. I will NOT do so. Why? Because I want to progress forward. I will not be held back rooted in what could have been. History is only so good as to let us learn where we came from, the mistakes made, opportunities wasted. Good use of history, in my opinion, would be to serve as a tool for us to cement whatever mistakes made or to re-use the goodness for betterment of this generation and beyond. The natural law ‘to every action brings an equal or opposite reaction’ must be respected.

    The Federal Constitution is a very fair and neutral document. I suggest we read it to fully understand that it guarantees that no one is more deserving than the other. It’s a misconception that any race’s are tied down so, that they cannot let their own talents bloom in this country. Remember law of self fulfilling prophesy? Or the story of the elephant that grew up tied to a small stick? It still couldn’t escape because the elephant already conditioned its thoughts that it will never be able to do so.

    Don’t be alarmed or feel threatened by the theatrical antics of the UMNO few who still think they can go on behave unbecomingly to all Malaysians. Majority Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, etc practice patience and tolerance towards these unawakened minds (you know la, Asian values very tolerant one).

    When more minds gets turned towards the light, more people will be more confident and assertive in disciplining those unbecoming ones who did not perform duties promised as representative of the people or misbehaved. It’ll be evident in results of general elections.

    Are we ready to heal from past hurts (imagined or real) and move forward into the real world?

    Comment by bananachinese — December 22, 2007 @ 1:34 am

  20. Hello kawan,
    kenapa rasa didiskriminasi jikalau diri rasa dillahirkan untuk bersaing, saya juga rakyat malaysia yang berjuang untuk menikmati kehidupan yang lebih selesa untuk diri dan keluarga. Kerajaan tidak membayar elaun saya sebagai bumiputera dan menikmati subsidi minyak contohnya, yang serupa dengan anda semua.Saya seorang peniaga dan setakat ini secara jujurnya saya tidak pernah medapat projek atas tiket bumiputera atau pun melaui ‘kabel’ dan saya tidak pernah menyalahkan kerajaan kerana tidak memberi projek kepada saya.Kerajaan juga tidak pernah menghalang saya berniaga dan cuma perlu mengikut sedikit langkah permulaan perniagaan yang serupa dengan kaum lain.Saya juga tidak pernah membayangkan untuk mendapat pinjaman ataupun subsidi dari kerajaan.Adakah itu yang anda semua katakan saya dilahirkan untuk mendapat keselesaan.Saya memulakan perniagaan dengan mengumpul wang dari duit gaji semasa bekerja dan dalam masa 3 tahun saya dapat membuka perniagaan .Saya rasa anda juga dilahirkan terlanjang seperti saya tanpa perlu disorokkan dari ancaman peperangan mahupun keganasan polotik yang memaksa kita berbuat demikian.Mantapkan lah ekonomi kita sendiri untuk keselesaan sendiri dan jangan menyalahkan orang lain jika kita tak makan.Datuk nenek kita dahulu makan ubi rebus masa perang setiap hari.Di negara maju mana sekalipun tiada kerajaan yang bagi makan ‘free’ setipa hari.Jika rasa kurang mampu kita tidak perlulah duduk di cafe untuk menikmati secawan kopi dengan harga RM9, minumlah dirumah tida siapa yang tahu kita tidak berduit.Jika anda lebih dari mampu tidak perlulah tamak haloba dan terlalu ego untuk menjadi wira yang menghasut ke arah kehancuran sebaliknya jangan duduk bersembang dan bantulah yang memerlukan.Berbilion duit kita kenapa lokek hendak bersedekah.Mengapa nak mengharap duit yang ada pada ahli politik yang setahun hanya RM 200k nak buat parit kat kampung pun belum tentu semua kampung dapat dan nak harapkan dendangkan suara kita tidak perlulah rasanya.Bila dah mantap tawarkan diri jadi ahli politik baru la tau berapa banyak duit berabis nak dapat satu jawatan .Jika anda berjaya kumpul duit berguni pun, jika tidak pandai “matematik” habis juga duit tu.Cuba jadikan isi rumah anda sebagai model politik dan anda sebagai presidennya.Anda akan tahu bagai mana rasanya ingin menjaga demokrasi.Di Malaysia tiada larangan untuk bersaing.Jadi kenapa marah????

    Comment by chino — December 26, 2007 @ 6:43 pm

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