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January 14, 2008

Mahathir, Lingam and the royal commission

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Myself won’t put high hopes for the Lingam royal commission to be put into action after the fact finding or after you have brought the nice published report. Myself brought the report by the royal commission on police last time and now regretting it lots. NATO only.

But… let not this deter you from enjoying the tantalising and titillating bits and pieces that the Lingam royal commission might bring you. Its better than Wah Lai Toi stuff anyway.

Malaysiakini reported an exclusive with a Mr Loh Mui Fah who came forward to say he was there when Lingam was captured having the nice high powered lobbying conversation in the videotape. He has found out that his naughty son has recorded the session with a high powered camera. He didn’t know who leaked the video to Mr PKR Anwar. He was also not happy with Anwar for sharing the recording with you and me. Horrors…! Anwar may have committed a terrible faux pas there (if he knew the owner of the recording and didn’t ask for permission, that is).

Why Mr Loh came out to confess? Because he was fed up with the tailing, threatening phone calls. Yes, a nice example of invasion on privacy at work here. I’m sure Mr Loh would support Chua Soi Lek if the former Health Minister were able to push for a Privacy Act. Speaking of which, we all also have to get ready for invasion on OUR personal privacy… as soon as those on-lease CCTVs are installed everywhere. Imagine, being caught on CCTV meeting a ‘personal’ friend on the streets.

Here’s a banana question for you: How did the nice Lingam recording get into the hands of Anwar?

NB: Why give Mahathir the limelight in my post title? Da man’s gotta be da link, man…

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