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March 15, 2008

Dear God, it’s about Pak Lah and the Cabinet

Dear God,

As Malaysians await for Pak Lah’s positive action to deliver a better Cabinet for 2008, I would like to take this opportunity to propose some ideas to be weighted in for PM’s decision making. Please could you send someone to tell Pak Lah?

This little voice may not be the richest or loudest, but I am sincerely wishing for Pak Lah to be granted the outmost courage and strength to make the best decision for Malaysia as we await anxiously a clear direction out of the current limbo and uncertainty. Malaysia needs the best people in the Cabinet.

My humble idea to be considered in drawing up names for Malaysia’s new Cabinet (In fact, everyone of my family and friends also fervently wish for PM to surprise us with this gift):

1. DROP currently perceived as ‘dubious’ Ministers / politicians – Dato’ Rafidah Aziz, Dato’ Jamaluddin Jarjis, Dato’ Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Dato’ Nor Md. Yaakcop, Dato’ Seri Azalina Othman Said, Dato’ Noh Omar, Dato’ Paduka Badruldin Amiruldin

2. Appoint ‘clean’ and sincere politicians to ministerial posts. People like Datuk Sharir Abdul Samad (Minister for Environment?), Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir (Youth & Sports)

3. Appoint politicians with proven track record contributing to nation’s economy – Dato’ Chong Kah Kiat (Minister for Tourism)

4. Appoint a woman as Finance Minister or important portfolio (perhaps Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil? She’s a woman and a bright mind trained in law, who can be counted upon to conscientiously watch our nation’s purse string and well regarded by all races)

5. DROP ‘dubious’ underperformers – Dato’ Reezal Merican, Datuk Vincent Lim and others who took part in putting up roadblocks in PM’s conversation and direct communication with Malaysians (fyi, they reside below PM Office at 4th floor).

6. Khairy must never be considered for any posts (whether its true or not, he is good or bad, please let him sit outside the cabinet as his name does not generate love).


I know this is no small request but, Malaysia needs PM to be granted great courage to do his best for the nation. I am sure, with Jeanne (a good woman) at Pak Lah’s side, the PM will find the strength to do this.


NB: Please also stop the Noise:

These days, mainstream media organizations like Utusan Malaysia and Bernama, whether intentionally or naively, are playing a not too admirable role contributing to political hatred, pitting Malays against non-Malays. In this regard, may I request you to move PM to please telephone BN component party chiefs to instruct all their members to BEHAVE GENTLEMANLY, QUIT INSULTING THE PEOPLE’S DECISION, RESPECT THE RESULTS OF THE GE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD NAME OF BN (or whatever is left of it).

Support from friends and Malaysiakini readers appreciated.


  1. I want to see GLCs like Petronas and Proton report directly to Parliament, not to UMNO cronies. That way the opposition can scrutinise the books and help to decide how the profits can be passed down to benefit the citizens (Like Brunei). Even the Fed projects (highways and bridges) must report to Parliament not the govt.

    And ensure the Chief Police reports to the Sultan not the PM. After all they are call Polis DiRaja Malaysia!!

    UMNO is playing racist sentiments coz that’s the ONLY agenda for the past 50 years. Malay rights, Malay rights – frankly if they are so concerned with the bumis they will not strip the orang asli of their land and habitat. NEP is a cover up legalised tool for corruption – imagine how are the Ali Baba’s going to survive?

    Honestly even MT bloggers are making more and more racist remarks. As far as our Creator is concerned, there is only one race that’s human race. The skin we have on is a temporary one, at the grave it starts to rot.

    The Chinese/Indians/Portugese etc are not so troubled with the NEP as the Malays. Do Malays really enjoy being the suppressors like the KKK whites in US and Africa? The minority races have lived and planned their lives among more competitive environment. When Mahathir was so gung-ho over his Bahasa Baku we were learning extra languages like Mandarin, Japanese, polish up English, Maths while the local Malays thought they were so patriotic with our BM. That’s why those who have this advantage are snatched up by other countries who roll out red carpet for skilled workers.

    If I have 2 sons who grew up with different principles, One gets hand outs all his life gradually learns that that’s how the world is – that the world owes him a living. Another had to work for benefits and wages, had to pay for his own education and learns that life is what you make out of it. The first son at 40 yo is still asking PaPa to pay for his car and children’s education, while the second one is independent, has good money management and investments. Which one should I reward?

    Can’t they see that as Dr M ensure that English is reduced to Hi and Bye for the Malaysians, he sends his children overseas to study under the English. UMNO wants the people to be constantly weak and in want for everything from food to housing, and unable to fend for themselves without UMNO. So he markets this under the NEP.

    If my 40 yo blood sucking son comes asking me for more money I will have to stop giving to him FOR HIS OWN GOOD. But to be realistic I will expect a tantrum in return for my wicked act.

    On the political front, doing away with the NEP will result in tantrum at first (also with the help of UMNO agenda). Also the Chinese/Indians are kiasu lot – the parents want their children to study everythg under the sky – so teaches the children to be hardworking. The Bumis will usually try to minimise work and complain why the hardworking Chinese gets all the dough while they are “marginalised” (Thanks Dr M & Bodowi). Without the NEP, they will suffer coz many Ali Baba companies and workers will be without jobs. So the question to ask is will they become more hardworking and resourceful?

    BR must have a strategy for change. Let the BR manage the current amenities, like rubbish dumping, water supply, roads, and other enforcement matters (business licensing, crime etc) and weed out corruption. After the Bumis are used to the BR management the NEP must be lobbied sensitively throughout these 5 years, it is not an overnight affair.

    Change NEP for the hard core poor, disabled and the senior citizens, orphans, widows, etc for they are the ones who really need help.

    My Chinese father having lived the Japanese occupation still gets upset everytime we speak good of the Japs. Old wounds. The elder ones had to scrap and save to feed and educate their kids. My grandfather came to Malaysia penniless, but had amassed many rubber estates by working hard and saving. They were the ones who will find it difficult to forgive all the hardships this UMNO has caused them, even the Germans and Aussies apologised for their mistreatment to victims. Will the Malays even do that? BTW my grandfather bought rubber estates off the local Malays what they were willing to sell, so don’t blame him for coming and snatch lands from bumis. He worked the land and the Malays just wanted instant cash. Whose fault is that?

    Comment by born2reign — March 16, 2008 @ 6:16 am

  2. I wish your prayer come true.

    There are limited choice of clean MP to choose.
    Totally agree with a smaller cabinet size but more effective.
    Pak lah dont deserve a 3rd term if he fail this time.

    Comment by Bintang-Bulan — March 17, 2008 @ 4:56 pm

  3. I add i more request..

    Remove Ahmad Badawi from all positions with immediate effect

    Comment by jamilus — March 17, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

  4. […] Mr Zaid Ibrahim, I remember I lobbied for you for ministership (ahem, ahem in cyberworld…) cos I thought you are one having your two ears listening and two […]

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  5. Artikel Yang Menarik untuk dihayati…

    Comment by Utusan Malaysia Online — December 5, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

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