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April 4, 2008

Can MCA members look up to a fornicator President?

Got to tell you about this dream that I had recently.

I dreamt that I were an MCA member (wearing their uniform!!). Was mingling around with the delegates at MCA’s party election. Apparently we were celebrating a new President… Mr Chua Soi Lek.

Presently, the celebratory Mr Chua Soi Lek came for us, all thankful for our votes. Along the way, he generously hugged and kissed all delegates (men mostly).

The more near his advance towards us, the women retreated and inched backwards and backwards. Because they saw that his clothes began to shed on its own and slowly vapourise into thin air on touching the floor. Then Mr Chua’s lips parted and his mouth started to produce loud sucking noises.

“Aiyeee!!!! He looks just like he’s doing the oral thingy in the sex video!” screamed an aunty member. Hell broke loose and all the women backed around and stampeded down the spiral staircase of MCA HQ.

Myself got all trampled over in the mad rush to save our souls. To add more salt to my injury, I tumbled. Boink, boink, boink down to the last steps.

Poor me opened my eyes after the hard landing and saw a vision… Mr Chua in all his majestic barenakedness looking down at me. Before I can get up on my legs so that I can face him, he started spurting (you know, after a hard on?). All over my face!

Aarrgh..! “I’m a sworn pacifist but this is too much! I’ve gonna punch Mr Chua’s face to pulp for tainting me,” I yelled somewhat violently.

Quickly other members came to drag me away. The last I saw was some members getting down on their knees with bundles of tissues to wipe clean Mr Chua’s member and spurts.


I woke up flapping my arms and legs like a young chick on the floor. For that terrible sweaty nightmare I was left with also a most painful bump on my forehead to show for the rest of this week.


NB: Now you understand why I look askance at Malaysiakini’s interview with Chua Soi Lek.



  1. That’s not a dream. That was a nightmare lar.

    Comment by peisheah — April 5, 2008 @ 3:24 pm

  2. Sue Chua Ah Lek for that bump on your forehead

    Comment by jtduitirt — April 7, 2008 @ 1:19 pm

  3. Nightmarish and witty at the same time …

    Comment by Gan — April 9, 2008 @ 5:55 pm

  4. What a weird dream!

    Comment by asme — June 8, 2008 @ 12:20 pm

  5. […] seorang kawan merujukkan saya kepada blog si Bananachinese yang menulis cerita lucu sekiranya Chua Soi Lek menjadi Presiden MCA. Baca dan ketawa ‘Can […]

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  6. Using a woman to fall a great man is a strategy as old as the political plots in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.CSL would be the character of big,strong,daring and handsome warrior Lu Bu.
    Diao Chan

    Diao Chan plays an important role in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Her story, which is still well-known today, tells how two allies were so blinded by a pretty woman that they became enemies, one intent on destroying the other.

    The events of this tale took place during Dong Zhuo’s monopolisation of power. One day, during a palace banquet, Dong Zhuo levelled false accusations against Situ Zhangwen, a official. All the eminent officials who had gathered for the feast watched in horror as Situ Zhangwen was dragged outside to be beheaded. Each man feared that the fate of the Han duke might well be his own.

    When Prime Minister Wangyun returned to his residence, he was so disturbed by what he had seen at the palace that he was unable to sleep. He went for a stroll in the garden. Suddenly, he heard someone praying. The sound seemed to have come from behind a clump of peony trees. Stepping over to investigate, Wangyun realised that it was Diao Chan, a singing girl from his own household

    Diao Chan had come to the Wang mansion as a young child and Wangyun had looked upon her almost as if she were his own daughter. He asked her: “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

    She answered him: “From early childhood, I have benefitted from your kindness and have often wondered how I may one day repay you. Recently you have been so sad and despondent; yet I do not know how to alleviate your suffering. That is why I am sighing. Please tell me how I can help you. I will do whatever I can while I still have the strength!”

    Wangyun led Diao Chan into an inner room and, having dismissed the servants, went down on his knees before her. Shocked and flustered, Diao Chan begged to know what was troubling him. Wangyun spoke to her earnestly: “Our country is in great peril. I think you may be our only salvation. The despot Dong Zhuo wants to see himself enthroned as the Son of Heaven while the court officials can only look on helplessly. I have a plan to end his scheming. With your wit and charm we may be able to drive a wedge between Dong Zhuo and his adopted son Lü Bu. If we can end their alliance, and cause them to fight against each other, we may be able to eliminate them both.”

    Diao Chan agreed at once to do her best. Wangyun took the earliest opportunity to betroth Diao Chan to Lü Bu; at the same time presenting her to Dong Zhuo as a concubine. Both Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu became fond of her and could not decide how to settle the matter. As the hostilities grew, Diao Chan took every opportunity to add fuel to the fire and the two men became fiercely jealous of each other. Eventually, Wangyun was able to gain Lü Bu’s assistance in assassinating Dong Zhuo.

    Unfortunately, soon after, both Wangyun and Diao Chan were put to death by surviving members of Dong Zhuo’s clique.

    Comment by mami lau — November 15, 2008 @ 7:25 am

  7. If you don’t fancy the antics of your second man >>BOOT HIM >>!!!!!!
    The most intelligent man among all our PMs did that to all his deputies..
    It show that we have achieved the different colors but same heart status.
    That is Malaysian politics.

    Comment by mami lau — November 15, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

  8. 10.

    We here in Malaysia has not reached the time where you can ” Break the laws,pay your dues in jail and then be free as the first day when you are born. We the Chinese people are proud and happy to be “slaves” to our 5000 years old customs and culture.We want men of sterling characters to lead us.Our unchanging and same Chinese culture is responsible for our relationships with other Chinese throughout the world.
    In the Land of free they are very different..
    Barry’s absence stirs talk of drug relapse

    May 4, 1996
    Web posted at: 12:45 a.m. EDT

    From Correspondent Mark Feldstein

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Mayor Marion Barry hurried out of the nation’s capital this week, emphatically denying that he has returned to drugs. But he announced a sudden leave of absence for “spiritual and physical renewal.” (60K AIFF sound or 60K WAV sound)

    Barry checked himself into a 32-acre religious retreat outside St. Louis. He denied reports that he recently tried to commit suicide, or that he has returned to drug use. But his dramatic departure set Washington reeling.

    “People closest to the mayor would like the public to believe that they’re trying to pull him back from the brink,” said community activist Dorothy Brizill. “Most people in the community believe that he’s already gone over.”

    One of Barry’s closest friends and advisers suggested that resigning is an option. Has the mayor returned to drug use? Barry friend Rock Newman would neither confirm nor deny the rumor. (128K AIFF sound or 128K WAV sound)

    Barry’s sudden departure was apparently not because of any drug investigation of the mayor. Law enforcement sources told CNN they have recently been receiving more numerous and credible reports that Barry has been using drugs. Sources even say that the reports include first-hand accounts of alleged drug sales. But authorities have not substantiated them.

    Six years ago, the FBI was criticized after videotaping the mayor smoking crack cocaine in a sting involving one of his girlfriends.

    “Testimony was that he was using police officers to courier drugs back and forth to him, and make purchases and bring them to him, and bring drug dealers to him,” said ex-FBI agent Carl Rowan Jr.

    Sources inside the Washington police department suggest that history may be repeating itself. Barry’s biographer says the mayor has filled police ranks with loyalists.

    “The D.C. police won’t bust Marion Barry, because he is still in control and he has made sure that he placed the proper people in charge so that they wouldn’t bother with him,” said Barry biographer Harry Jaffee.

    But law enforcement officials are investigating alleged financial improprieties by Barry and his inner circle, which includes many who, like himself, have been in trouble before.

    “In his immediate office, he has several individuals who have lengthy criminal records for embezzling funds, murder, drug trafficking, drug use, drug abuse,” Brizill said.

    Barry is scheduled to return next week to Washington, a city teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and as troubled as its mayor.
    Related stories:

    * Marion Barry takes some time off for renewal – April 27, 1996
    * Mayor Barry seeks federal money for financially strapped D.C. – February 11, 1996

    Leave a Reply

    Comment by assampor — November 17, 2008 @ 11:21 am

  9. Last month I saw Chua SL.He had a very unhappy,very sad,very dejected and forlorn look on his face.In fact he looks exactly like the long faced Pink Panther scratching his head asking himself.
    ” I wonder why? I wonder how ?..I am in this position of being disliked by so many people “.What am I going to do for people to love me again?
    I suggest he goes to see his former political foe Lee Lam Thye for guidance and advice.Lee was not in the good books of Dr.M before when he was in politics.But now Dr.M and everybody loves him for the good works that he had done for the society.Nobody will ever say a bad word against him anymore.
    Chua can take some of the work load from Lee.He can champion the AIDS movement. He can also give counseling to men and women who have sex with people who are not their spouses.He can also counsel people against having premarital sex.He can counsel people about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the use of condoms.
    He will gain back the love and respect from the public soon.

    Comment by fei mui — May 28, 2009 @ 10:02 am

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