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August 5, 2008

The analysis on MCA that Malaysiakini didn’t have (Part II)

Mary really brightened up my day with this analysis on MCA that Malaysiakini didn’t have. Love this Part II insight on the fish heads.

I will vote for you Mary dear, even if you are an MCA member… just promise me you will take the greatest care to select the best fish head for dinner… We can have a cosy threesome dinner, if you can get Ong Tee Keat to join us (puuurrrrrr….)

Here’s a bit of Mary’s titillating serving…


If you ask most old timer members “Who was the most important President of MCA?” they’d most likely say “Tan Cheng Lock”. But if you asked young MCA members the same question they’d likely to answer “Ong Ka Ting”.

Why Ong Ka Ting? Why not Tan Siew Sin, Tan Koon Swan, Lee San Choon, Ling Liong Sik?

Simple. The post Merdeka born and i-pod generation connect with the present Ong Ka Ting. It doesn’t matter if he has not won a Nobel Prize for peace. Living in the now, he’s the current in-power who is conveniently identifiable with their chase for lofty lifelong pursuits.

Perhaps, Ong Ka Ting could have a chance at the Nobel Prize, had he been more aggressive in pushing the limits of Barisan Nasional’s tolerance to seriously infect fellow rakyat Malaysia with a new healthy political culture.

Anyway… If MCA members have to find that one thing to remember Ong Ka Ting at all, he would be remembered for quietly demonstrating to Malaysia that constraining the MCA top dog’s perpetual officialdom through term limitation is possible. Constricting the Ministers and State Assemblymen’s perpetual reign is also possible.

As a result, Ong Ka Ting earned himself a place in MCA’s history and a first in Malaysia’s politics. He solved an MCA problem of the ‘rotting fish head’ syndrome which brought down his predecessor.

Unfortunately, the recently concluded Divisional election brought up another aspect of the ‘rotting fish head’ syndrome.

You see, living in the MCA virtual blue ocean, are the giant whales (Central Committee members aka big fish heads), the schools of middle sized fishes (Divisional Chairmen aka middle school fish heads) and the huddled up tiny sized fish minnows which hide among the stones (Members aka tiny fish heads).

Sadly, Ong Ka Ting has forgotten to solve the problem of the middle school’s rotting fish heads.

To get yourself a full course of Mary’s fish head, click the following title:
Fish heads blocking MCA’s convalescence


  1. Don’t really know if there are any worthy presidents of MCA at all. Somehow those that I know were just ‘yes-men’ to UMNO. Maybe those mentioned like Tan Cheng Lock or Tan SIew Sin are outstanding but then again…I was too young to really know. As for OKT, I percieve him as too soft as a politician and as a leader of the Chinese community.

    Comment by aces — August 5, 2008 @ 10:43 am


    MCA is a clan organization organized to help themselves to getting fat contracts, bribes and corruption by kissing the ass of UMNO.

    That is all to MCA, nothing more.

    For all Malaysians, true to their heart and true to Country, there should be Absolutely no question as to the where our political support should be channeled to


    To support Anwar is to support a new generation of Malaysian politicians who see themselves as true public servants.

    To support Anwar is to bring peace to ourselves and hope to ourselves that our future generation will live in a compassionate and fair country.

    To support Barisan Nasional is to support bigots and crooks whose agenda are to enrich themselves rather than to serve for Common Good.

    The choice is clear.

    Our conscience to our children must also be clear.


    and MCA, please ask where were all of you when:

    ….The Keris was waved in your faces….

    ….We were called Pendatangs…….

    ….Our religious places of worship were torn down…..

    ….Our children could not go to schools of our choices..

    ….When only umnoPUTRAS could get contracts….

    ….When the corruption and bribes were as obvious as dogballs sticking out of your wives faces….


    Comment by james chua — August 9, 2008 @ 6:24 pm

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