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September 1, 2008

Analysis and Message for the good, bad and ugly MCA leaders

OK. Since Malaysiakini is not yet doing it, I’ll get the ball rolling first.

Yes, the time is right to seriously do a SWOT analysis on those who dare to suggest to us that he’s da man for MCA President.

What’s a SWOT? It is what a businessman would do to check whether the business is eg: healthy or dying or in need of a bailout.

You can do it too, this little tool is also handy for other stuff like summing up a potential girlfriend / boyfriend.

Here’s how to do a simplified SWOT analysis.

Draw a box of 3 columns, mark them 1, 2, 3.

Put the names of those you want to assess in column 1 under the subject title ‘Da Man’.

Column 2 is for you to write all the ‘Strengths’ aka ‘Positive advantage’ that these guys possess. Important note: Don’t force yourself to make up some if you cannot think of any.

Column 3 is to write all the ‘Weaknesses’ aka ‘Negative downside’ eg: ‘MCA sure kaput if this morally depraved/ corrupt/ wanton/ decadent/ despicable character becomes President’.

And now you can proceed to have some educated fun with these chaps:

Ong Tee Keat
Chua Soi Lek
Chua Jui Meng
Fong Chan Onn
+ Any other ‘capable’ leader that I did not mention here…

Merdeka bonus: To help you with the SWOT, here’s an input from an MCA member…

… Also, I find comments made by Chua Soi Lek, Donald Lim, Chua Jui Meng ludicrous. Their comments are but attempts to divert attention of the grassroot from the fault of their own leadership in the failings of recent 12 General Election.

Don’t forget BN achieved the best ever results in the 11th election. How could a party which was so strong in relevance (if you argued a party’s relevance based on its performance) just about four years ago became so irrelevant suddenly. You and I know the result had just got to do with human factor i.e. its central committee team members were so devoid of merits in managing the party!!!

Why the desperate and sudden action now to want to appear to dare speak against UMNO? If these power hungry people feel the party has become irrelevant, surely they would have detected the tell tale signs before the election. Even the last dinasours’ extinction happened over sometime. How could a party become irrelevant in such short time with none of the leaders sensing it? Nobody of these guys argued about MCA sleeping on the job before, why now? Just because the party lost miserably in an election it ought to be extinct or jump ship? You mean to tell me all these oldies don’t know how to tackle the ups and downs in the sport of politics?

I was personally involved in the recent election process. I witnessed for myself the shortcomings from the grassroot to upper leadership including the unpreparedness of candidates in certain constituencies, the ridiculously low level of political knowledge of candidates and their arrogant demeanor. If not for my MCA membership, I would have voted for the opposition myself.

In my most honest opinion, the whole management and leadership team of MCA ought to have resigned and a pro temp committee comprising some current leaders and young members to be formed to determine the next course of action for MCA. This will provide not only a more focused direction for the party but also to avoid the present on going fracas which is further splitting the party’s foundation.

In this respect, I cannot but agree with Tun Mahathir that the present leadership of BN ought to make way to ensure the revival of the party.

It means the President and all those people who work with him and those who are responsible for the policies of the party and the selection of the candidates.

~Angry member


  1. The rich and famous chinese ” tai tai ” around the world often have to play host and organise the traditional 1000 year old mahjong games for socialites.They would normally group the players into 3 categories.
    1) Good players: They pay immediately when they lose and treat everybody for shark fins if they win at the mahjong table.thus called as..” Hoh Kah ” or “Good Leg”.
    2) Bad players: They refuse to pay immediately if they lose.They expect the winners to forget the mahjong debts after some time.They will take the money out immediately if they win and run away from the mahjong tables so as to prevent others from a chance of winning it back,..thus
    called as ” Pai Kah”or “Bad Leg”
    3) Unlucky Players: Every time they join the mahjong games something bad will happen eg typhoon,robbery,police raid or power failure at the mahjong rooms.The players may get sick or some urgent family matters may cut short a otherwise sure win mahjong game..Such unlucky players are called ” Soi Kah ” or “Soi Leg” or “Unlucky Leg”.He would be like The Pink Panther and always be in trouble..
    Let me give you some feng shui and chines names information and never give the the word ” Soi ” which is ” Unlucky ” to your next baby..Otherwise consult a lawyer and change your name immediately..

    n this sample report, (see attachment )

    In general, a geomancer will select a name based on the breakdown of one’s ba zi element:-

    Your Five Element Breakdown
    1 Weak Water 4 Strongest Wood 2 Strong Fire 1 Extremely Weak Earth 0 Weakest Metal
    9% 62% 25% 3% 0%

    This tells me that you are a Weak Water because of too little Water (9%) and Metal (0%). Your element is born in a season which is makes Water Element Weak. Thus, influencing the element strength of the other five element elements. The percentage of each element is considered after considering the seasonal strength and the number of that element present.

    Thus, your favourable elements are Metal (0%) and Water (9%) Elements. Fire (25%) is your wealth element. However, as you are a Weak Water, you first need to be stronger in order to control your wealth element. Based on the percentage of the Five Element of each of your favourable element. You should attempt to enhance the favourable element with least percentage, followed by the favourable element with the next lowest percentage.

    As Weak Water, your favourable elements are Metal (0%) / Water (9%) .

    * Metal (0%) is your most favourable element.
    * Water (9%) is your next most favourable element.

    Your unfavourable elements are Earth (3%) / Wood (62%) / Fire (25%).

    * Wood (62%) is your most unfavourable element. As you have way too much of Wood, it is best to avoid it as much as possible.
    * Fire (25%) is your next unfavourable element.
    * Earth (3%) is your least unfavourable element.

    You have a very unbalanced Five Element distribution. Often, this produces signs of a person with several possible health problems.

    You have a very unbalanced Five Element distribution. Often, this produces signs of a person with several possible health problems.

    You have 0% Metal element. This often signify possible Health related problems to the Lung.

    You have 62% Wood element. This often signify possible Health related problems to the Liver, Bile and Spleen. Having too much Wood may sometimes lead to indirect health issues related to (Earth element).

    The ideal balance of each element is generally 20% of each element. However, it is difficult to achieve exactly 20% of each element. This is because it is difficult to know exactly how much of each element you have at any point in time. So as long as you have more of your favourable elements, you will improve your balance and harmony.

    In the above example, this fictitious lady by the name of Jane has an imbalance in ba zi element i.e. she has lots of wood 62 percent while zero percent metal.

    A geomancy will normally come up with several names to check which is a better choice. Thus, for each individual, this would depend on our birth date and time of birth.

    Although we would like to have a nice meaningful name, this is “secondary” i.e. considered after all the five elements have been matched to see which name brings upon the best “heaven luck”.

    Usually, it is strongly recommended that we try not to change our name once we are older. Especially in an English speaking or our commerce uses English most of the time.

    Thus, for example, in Singapore, even if you change your name, most likely your colleagues or friends are still going to call you “Cindy” and not your “new Mandarin” name. Therefore, unless one uses that “new name” all the time, then it would make the difference.

    Comment by mami lau — November 14, 2008 @ 3:45 pm

  2. If you go to the 2 star love hotels around Malaysia in the weekends you will see many couples waiting to rent a room for 2 hours. The combination of age can be 16 Vs 20 to 56 Vs 65 to 16 Vs 66 and others.
    It is called ” short time ” service and no ICs or registrations are required.
    Most couples will ” Kaw Tim ” in less than 30 minutes. The bed sheets will be changed quickly and the next couple will be given 2 towels,2 pieces of soap and 1 condom.
    Everybody will cast their eyes down to look only at their feet.Even if you see your married MD waiting there with his married secretary who is not his wife you pretend you ” see nothing,hear nothing and will say nothing ” at all.
    If somebody tries to takes a video of the clients his teeth with be punched out immediately.
    If is because he will be trying to break their rice bowl.Each room can play love nest to as many as 10 cheating couples a day.
    Thus if you want to taste” stolen love ” go to a love hotel.They will have their standards to uphold and maintain for the privacy of their clients.
    CSL learn from me at the grass root level.

    Comment by mami lau — November 14, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

  3. Using a woman to fall a great man is a strategy as old as the political plots in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.CSL would be the character of big,strong,daring and handsome warrior Lu Bu.
    Diao Chan

    Diao Chan plays an important role in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Her story, which is still well-known today, tells how two allies were so blinded by a pretty woman that they became enemies, one intent on destroying the other.

    The events of this tale took place during Dong Zhuo’s monopolisation of power. One day, during a palace banquet, Dong Zhuo levelled false accusations against Situ Zhangwen, a official. All the eminent officials who had gathered for the feast watched in horror as Situ Zhangwen was dragged outside to be beheaded. Each man feared that the fate of the Han duke might well be his own.

    When Prime Minister Wangyun returned to his residence, he was so disturbed by what he had seen at the palace that he was unable to sleep. He went for a stroll in the garden. Suddenly, he heard someone praying. The sound seemed to have come from behind a clump of peony trees. Stepping over to investigate, Wangyun realised that it was Diao Chan, a singing girl from his own household

    Diao Chan had come to the Wang mansion as a young child and Wangyun had looked upon her almost as if she were his own daughter. He asked her: “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

    She answered him: “From early childhood, I have benefitted from your kindness and have often wondered how I may one day repay you. Recently you have been so sad and despondent; yet I do not know how to alleviate your suffering. That is why I am sighing. Please tell me how I can help you. I will do whatever I can while I still have the strength!”

    Wangyun led Diao Chan into an inner room and, having dismissed the servants, went down on his knees before her. Shocked and flustered, Diao Chan begged to know what was troubling him. Wangyun spoke to her earnestly: “Our country is in great peril. I think you may be our only salvation. The despot Dong Zhuo wants to see himself enthroned as the Son of Heaven while the court officials can only look on helplessly. I have a plan to end his scheming. With your wit and charm we may be able to drive a wedge between Dong Zhuo and his adopted son Lü Bu. If we can end their alliance, and cause them to fight against each other, we may be able to eliminate them both.”

    Diao Chan agreed at once to do her best. Wangyun took the earliest opportunity to betroth Diao Chan to Lü Bu; at the same time presenting her to Dong Zhuo as a concubine. Both Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu became fond of her and could not decide how to settle the matter. As the hostilities grew, Diao Chan took every opportunity to add fuel to the fire and the two men became fiercely jealous of each other. Eventually, Wangyun was able to gain Lü Bu’s assistance in assassinating Dong Zhuo.

    Unfortunately, soon after, both Wangyun and Diao Chan were put to death by surviving members of Dong Zhuo’s clique.

    Comment by mami lau — November 15, 2008 @ 7:22 am

  4. A story that has never been told i e Chinese “Girls selects Boys” in the1950s.
    ..CSL dilemma at that time.
    In the 1900s until todays when a Chinese bride is about enter ” The Door ” of the bridegroom she will be accompanied by her best girl friends who are all single and eligible.They will be appearing in their best as pretty maidens and ideal future wives.The bridegroom will invite all his bachelor friends and they will also be appearing in their best as ideal future husbands. On the night of the wedding in the bridal chambers there will be teasing games between the eligible bachelors and the eligible girls.The purpose is to find out their ideal future husbands or ideal future wives as soon as possible.The girls can ask her choice of men all kinds of questions.They may even ask him to do humiliating chores like hiding underneath the bridal bed or bark like a dog or lick dry a plate of milk like a cat in order to test his patience in managing the prospective future families.The men has to be 100% sporting on that night.They will be” booed ” if they were to show any sign of anger or resentment.It is practically a ” Ladies Night ”
    After the ” Boys meets Girls” games the match makers will be called to make the “match” that has already been decided on the teasing night.
    Like everything in this world these ” boy meets girl ” games will have many weakness.
    Many gangsters will put on long sleeves and trousers and appear in their best behaviors.
    They will gladly be caned as penalties by the girls for giving a wrong answers to her witty questions.
    The bridegroom has to introduce each and everyone of his bachelor friends by his NRIC or birth certificate names.
    Their nicknames will all come out in the heat and excitement of the games by all the other players while trying to outplay each other in order to win the hand of the most fair maiden of the night..Everything is fair in love and in war.
    If they said ” This is Ong Tiong Guan ” the only benefit is that the girls surnamed Ongs will not waste time talking to him.He has to say ” We call as him as………”
    1) Hoh Kia..means Good son..+++ for girls
    2) Pai Kia.means Bad son.. ???? for girls
    3) Durian Kia means Hooligan son..??? for girls
    4) Poon Tua Kia means Lazy son..??? for girls
    5) Teat Tho Kia means Play around son..??? for girls
    6) Gon Kia means foolish son..??? for girls
    7) Siawh Kia means crazy son..??? for girls
    8) Chap Chen Kia means son with unknown father.???? for girls…
    9) Boh Yong means useless and no future son ..???? for girls.
    10) Soi Kia means unluky and ill fated son ??? for girls..

    I have 3 unmarried sisters above 65 who told me this story.All of them are former Convent Girls who do not want to get marry just for the sake of having a family.They cannot find love and romance out of 90% of the men they met as above…

    But in Chinese society the moment you achieve fame,power and riches the nicknames will be discarded immediately…But nobody I know tries to change his NRIC names.It is because his marriage certificate and children’s birth certificate needs alteration as well.

    I want CSL to write about his romantic youth..

    Comment by mami lau — November 15, 2008 @ 11:19 am

  5. If you don’t fancy the antics of your second man >>BOOT HIM >>!!!!!!
    The most intelligent man among all our PMs did that to all his deputies..
    It show that we have achieved the different colors but same heart status.
    That is Malaysian politics.

    Comment by mami lau — November 15, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

  6. It is all fair in love,war and politics since time immemorial.It is normal for the key players to fight with one another. As a Christian I dare quote from the Bible that the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ were always highly jealous of each other during their time on earth.
    In Malaysian politics Uncle Lim,Uncle Samy,Uncle Nik,Uncle Anwar and Uncle Koh do also have problems with their internal key players.But they can settle it quickly within a very short period of time.They will immediately continue to work at the grass root levels.It is at these masses where they can cast a strong foundation for everybody.
    When will they ever learn ????

    Comment by mami lau — November 15, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

  7. The MCA leaders always promised that the people’s welfare comes first in their hearts.
    The party elections are over and they should start working hard for the people.
    If they keep on fighting it shows that they are only interested in themselves.
    Everything including the first world war and second world war has a beginning and an end.
    When are they going to end the comparatively small war?

    Comment by assampor — November 15, 2008 @ 8:59 pm

  8. Tan Koon Swan has set a precedent for all MCA leaders who have made the Malaysian Chinese loose “Face”.Apologize,retreat with your head bowed in sorrow and shame.Never open your mouth again in public to say anything on behalf of Chinese people.
    Read his case..
    Tan Koon Swan (born 24th September, 1940) is a controversial Malaysian political and corporate figure, who was president of the Malaysian Chinese Association from November 1985 to September 1986.

    Tan first entered the political fray in the late 1970s. A self-made millionaire largely touted as a financial wizard, he assisted Lim Goh Tong in establishing Genting Highlands Resort as a successful tourist destination, and was invited to take up the position of Managing Director of Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad, the corporate structure through which the MCA hoped to encourage Chinese participation in all areas of economic development. He joined the party in 1977 and took up the position.

    In 1978 Tan made his political debut, winning a parliamentary seat in Raub, Pahang. The following year, he was elected to the party’s Central Committee and appointed Chairman of MCA Wilayah Persekutuan State Liaison Committee. In 1982 he cinched a landslide victory for the parliamentary seat in the opposition stronghold of Damansara. 1984 saw him appointed as vice-president of the MCA.

    In March 1984, Tan was sacked as vice-president from the MCA along with 13 other members for urging the party to investigate its member records for the presence of non-existent people, an issue that had sparked off factionalism and crisis within the party. However, he and the other 13 were all reinstated two months later with the support of 1,600 MCA members in an extraordinary general meeting. In November 1985, he was voted to be president of the MCA winning 76.9% of the votes cast, the largest majority in the party’s history, and the first challenger since 1954 to win national leadership.

    Tan remained a highly prominent member of the corporate sector, controlling numerous companies, including Sigma International, which had a 22.6% stake in Pan-Electric Industries, a Singaporean-based company. On 12 December 1985, he signed an agreement that gave the troubled company S$ 20 million of funds through an interest-free loan and allowed it to resume trading.

    In 1986 he was charged in Singapore with abetting criminal breach of trust relating to the collapse of Pan-El. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment by Singapore High Court Justice Lai Kew Chai. In Lai’s judgment, Lai said Tan’s offences had “struck at the very heart, integrity, reputation and confidence of Singapore as a commercial city and financial centre”. After his sentencing, Tan resigned as MCA President. In 1988 Tan was also sentenced and imprisoned in Malaysia, declared a bankrupt, and reportedly owed over RM400 million, at the time roughly equivalent to more than 100 million US dollars. He was ordered to pay RM1000 a month to the Official Assignee and the New Straits Times estimated it would take him 35,316 years to pay off his outstanding claims. In the mid-1990s, after full repayment, Tan was discharged from bankruptcy.

    Tan, still a respected member of society, is a born-again Christian who likes to maintain a low profile.

    Comment by assampor — November 17, 2008 @ 10:53 am

  9. That idea must have come from a political strategist of immense experience.Anwar and Lim KS were arch enemies not long ago.Now they are the best of friends.
    Both CSL and LKS should follow Sun Tze Art of War tactics.It will take too long to make millions of arrows.Just take the arrows from your enemies and shoot him.

    Comment by chan mei fung — November 18, 2008 @ 9:20 pm

  10. I hate all those men who are pretenders in life.I started working as a junior marketing clerk when I was 18 years old.There are many marketing executives from all our outstation branches who will take my product groups sales figures and never read them seriously and digest them in details.Then they would make up a big fight to impress everybody else during the marketing meetings.After that they would all go for “happy hours”, spa,massage and all the specials that comes with “china dolls”.I don’t think they can remember what they fought about that morning.The financial interest of the company is not in their hearts.Our company has gone bankrupt in 1996.Those same guys are continuing to pull the same tricks elsewhere.
    Do you know of anybody in this political party who are behaving the same way?I will feel sad if they hold key leadership positions.

    Comment by chan mei fung — November 19, 2008 @ 2:31 pm

  11. I learned about spies from James Bond movies like
    “The spy who loved me” Spies are highly trained people who spies on people who are presumed to be a threat to the majority in this world.And James Bond only destroy the arch bad guy,Dr.NO. He will not destroy all the good doctors working in hospitals taking care of sick people..
    e g KGB,FBI,CIA are all spy networks that spies on bad people..
    And when Dr.NO was destroyed he never complained..
    Our Dr.Chua complained so much about the spies who took sex videos of me.
    Make a movie ” The spies who make a sex video of me “

    Comment by avena liew — November 23, 2008 @ 11:48 am

  12. Lady Lawyer deep in trouble with powerful lover,
    At the present moment she is a partner in my law firm.
    Even though she is a divorce she is a good woman.The break up was due to the fact that her ex husband was a rich, handsome and too woman friendly man.It was no fault of hers as I was the mediator for the divorce case.
    After she went on to seek and good and strong mI have known this lady ever since she was a school girl.She used to seek my advice regarding a career in the legal line.We were family friends as her uncle is my senior lawan for her future life.
    She met this man in one of his political campaigns.He was a divorces too.And he was seeking a good legal adviser in his political life and business empire.It was a match made in heaven.She was at his side almost everyday both locally and overseas.All the party members knew that they were going to get married before the next election.
    After a few years he got tired of her.As the saying goes ” Hell knows no fury when a woman is scorned “.
    The lady will not be able to find another love relationship after this high profile love tango.Obviously she would say something that may touch his nerves.Her motive is to force him to stick on to the marriage contract.
    It is very unbecoming of him to use the gangsters to threaten to kill her.It is also very arrogant to use the police powers to seal her mouth.It is also very bad to use his millions of ringgit financial power to employ the best lawyers of the land to take up litigation cases against her.
    As a rich man it is not uncommon for one to keep mistresses.On the final day when you wanted to ditch her for good you must be prepared for her outburst of emotions.Woman is made and born the weaker sex and emotions may overwhelm her sense of logic.She may threaten to commits suicide.She may hit you in the head with the frying pan.Even if you get hospitalized you must not use gangsters,police and litigation lawyers to add salt to her deep emotional injuries.
    If she is already your woman in bed you have to take care of her.

    Comment by phyilis lau — January 16, 2009 @ 12:52 pm

  13. I appeal to Chua Soi Lek to come to Sarawak to help us to get rid of gangsters.
    The state of Sarawak has the worst gangsters in the world.If they have reigned in the traditional areas of prostitution,gambling and loan sharking the society would have tolerated them by and large.It is because both parties are willing participants to the unholy deals.
    But the gangsters have moved in to tax the poor folks.They have levied high handed black market taxes on the people.If the people refused to adhere to their black laws they would be beaten up badly.
    The people have to pay 50 cents per gas tank.They have to pay 100 cents per tray of eyes.The gangsters stationed their hooligans in front of all the scrap collecting depots.When some old women came in with some bags of aluminum cans the hooligans would forcibly buy them for half the market price.The same works for scrap iron, plastic bottles,newspapers and all recyclable items.All the lorries that carried earth have to pay taxes to them.All the telephone shops and all places of entertainment are under their control.In the ver remote event of any of these caese going to court Molotov cocktails would be thrown into the houses and cars of the compliant.
    I hope Chua Soi Lek will bring law into Sarawak.

    Comment by lee eng hock — June 26, 2009 @ 6:44 pm

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