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September 15, 2008

ISA arrests, 1 released, reactions and MCA: Malaysiakini

A lot of hooha and angry words were thrown at the government over ISA arrests of the Sin Chew Daily reporter (Tan Hoon Cheng), Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK-Malaysia Today) and YB Teresa Kok (MP Seputeh, ADUN Kinrara). Even poor MCA leaders were scolded (the reporter is Chinese, mah…)

I was also angry until Tan Hoon Cheng was released. Then I found out that I have spent my energy on hot air whilst somebodies did something to get her out.  (sheepish…and a bit malu over my typical over over-reaction. I’m a typical Malaysian, mah. )

The sheepish and malu reaction was due to a friend who sent below to me:



Media Statement by MCA Publicity Bureau chief Dato’ Fu Ah Kiow in response to the ISA arrest of Sin Chew reporter, Sdr Tan Hoon Cheng

Fu Ah Kiow : ISA arrest of reporter bears negative image on Malaysia

Along with all Malaysians, I am shocked with the use of ISA to detain reporters.

This is uncalled for and the Malaysian people are very unhappy. Sin Chew’s Tan Hoon Cheng is only a reporter who is carrying out her duties in reporting.

We see no reason to for the use of ISA in this circumstance. Instead, people have also asked – what about the police investigations into Dato’ Ahmad Ismail ?

This action definitely bears a very negative impact on the image of the country in the international scene and the ISA arrest will invariably affect investor confidence and our economy.

We appeal for calm and stability in the country.

Meanwhile, our MCA President is meeting the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to seek for Hoon Cheng’s release.

Dato’ Fu Ah Kiow
MCA Publicity Bureau Chief

Source: MCA website


Whilst I spent the 13/9 on hot air, these chaps in MCA worked to get our Hoon Cheng out on 14/9.

Tabik, MCA!

For once, I’m happy to have MCA in the government.

Next time, I’ll check out your MCA website before I waste unneccessarily my Yang energy.

Tired… now this banana needs to go back to sleep.

I’ll come back to worry about RPK and Teresa soon.


  1. Please stop bailing your own kind. Its not about race!

    ‘Even poor MCA leaders were scolded (the reporter is Chinese, mah…)’

    We are trying to make Malaysia colour blind but u still go back to race based issues.

    Fight for all in ISA, malay. chinesse, Indian and others.All are human beings and all blood is red!!

    Comment by BenM — September 15, 2008 @ 2:55 pm

  2. In the slums where the poorest of the poor stays all their lives the father figures are usually quick to enforces one rule.
    That is ” Spare the rod and spoil the child “.He would not hesticate to take up the rod and cane the children severely to make them a better person according to his personal narrow judgement.
    But on many an occasions the same authority father figure is used to force the young female children to have sex with him.The girls did it because they are in mortal fear.Those nasty experiences would made them social rejects for the rest of their lives.
    There is nobody to draw the line for these unfortunate souls.
    Mr.MCA President himself grew up in the slums.He knows what I means as we shared the same chemistry laboratory bench for three years ( 1977 to 1980 ).Please draw the line for the happiness of all Malaysians

    Comment by tan888 — September 30, 2008 @ 1:27 pm

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