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September 7, 2009

Dear sir, may I ask you to account for your billions?

Somebody read this in Lim Kit Siang’s blog and email to me to jazz up le balmy Sunday evening:

From Mr Lim Kit Siang’s pen:

In July 2003, the ACA announced a new policy of transparency to be more responsive towards public demand for information about its investigations, viz:

• The ACA will keep all complainants informed on the status of investigations into their reports if they want it.

• Heads of government departments will be informed of the decision of the Attorney-General on investigations involving their subordinates.

• The ACA will issue statements about cases that are still under investigation if it feels necessary, including those already decided by the Attorney-General.

However, after 11 years, I have still to get a proper report on the status of ACA investigations into my June 1997 report to the ACA as to how Ling Hee Leong, son of Ling Liong Sik, could at the age of 27 embark on corporate acquisitions exceeding RM1.2 billion in a matter of months and whether there had been improper use and influence of his father’s political and Ministerial position.

I feel for you, Uncle Lim. TQ.

From somebody, an MCA member maybe, who was pissed with Ling Hee Leong who was a candidate in Gopeng in GE12:

by max2811 on February 23rd, 2008 17:22

I’m glad you have taken up this issue which I wrote in your blog earlier. He is actually throwing money in Lawan Kuda, New Kopisan, Gopeng, Simpang Pulai and Gunung Rapat. He’s spending money on meals and favours which can be of good use to the Chinese schools here.

Also dispensing money to the UMNO branches. On previous elections, I used to help out in the MCA ops room. But not this time.

Even my colleaques who were traditional BN voters have commented negatively on him. A good omen to Dr Lee Boon Chye.

Seems there are 3k voters from the Air Force base being transferred to Ipoh Timur.

Mr.Lim needs to work harder. But I hope Ling Bas tard will lose. His family thinks that MCA belongs to them. Well, there are thousands like me, MCA members who are not voting.Try the local markets in the mornings. One can see the well-dressed gangsters having a nice time.

I should have taken up the offer to help in the MCA ops room. At least I could have known how he buys his way around. But not to worry, many have said, “Take what is given but vote opposition”. Let’s hope he lose. I have asked my friends to pray in the churches, temples and mosques for his defeat.

Ling lost.

Here, try some tricky money maths if you have the time to calculate how much eldest son of Tun Ling Liong Sik sifted through his gold fingers during the merry years before MACC turns fierce:

by hkh on February 24th, 2008 00:27

Moon Rock face old Ling explained that his little Ling is a business genius at his first corporate acquisition. If old Ma believed old Ling at that time, can we question the ACA? There is IQ Genius, but Business Genius? Only politician genius without skin can coin such aterm.

But even if little Ling picks up RM50 every hour since his birth, he can

only collect 50 x 24 hour x 365 days x 27 years = 11,826,000 less than 12 MILLION.

Extending this to RM50 every MINUTE, total is only 709 MILLION.

I wonder how many chinese schools and mosques can be built with the millions.

And, here is a major OMG! moment for you…

by TrueMalaysian8888 on February 24th, 2008 23:25

Everyone knows who is Tun Ling !!!!!

There’s a true story where a famous artist from China who display his work in KL and shows a portrait of Tun Ling for just one day and the artist quickly took it out from the display as the visitors spit on his portrait !!!! Thats what we chinese said ` Wei chau Mann nei’.


Finally, a teary sympathic moment for this tiny voice’s dear loss

by nus on February 23rd, 2008 15:16

Has this gentleman (Ling Hee Leong) anything to do with Rekapac shares. My Rekapac shares are worthless now. Can I seek compensation?

Will a reformed MCA stand up against corruption? Ong Tee Keat or Chua Soi Lek please answer?


  1. MCA can stands up against corruption. Theres a few important factors thats required.
    1) Leaders who walk the talk and with integrity and high morality.I see it in OTK
    2)All leaders also need solid support from members of
    the party to rally behind him. Members who
    have the same Ideal and integrity
    (A Good General also needs good Soldiers)
    3)The Component Parties in BN must also act as one in
    Words and Deed to support the fight against
    I sincerely believe that all the above is required for the fight against corruption. Money is a fearsome
    weapon use by the Corrupted.

    Comment by SH Wong — September 12, 2009 @ 12:31 am

    • BN can’t and won’t fight corruption, it’s in their blood

      The 52 years of corruption has altered the genetic sequence of BN, without corruption, BN will not survive

      To truly fight against corruption, MCA must pull out of bn, period

      Comment by Kalambong — September 15, 2009 @ 10:53 am

  2. I must tell you that I am not a member of MCA, and ever since I started to understand things, I hated MCA for their willingness to be used by umno as a tool to pacify the Chinese via lies, cheats, selling out and so on

    I have on numerous occassion publicly stated that MCA must close shop before the Chinese will have a chance for true equality in Malaysia

    But deep down inside, I have a fervent hope that one day MCA will come to their senses that the Chinese community by-in-large have deserted them, and they have to change

    When OTK kicked out CSL, my first reaction is to sympathize with CSL (Chua, no matter how he likes to think with his “other” head, is still a very capable person, but that’s another story), but after some thought, I agree with what OTK did

    Why? Because CSL has unfortunately chose to align himself with that moon rock face “ling long sek” (incidentally, in Hokkien, “ling long sek” means going round and round aimlessly)

    And that means CSL is one of those running dogs who is willing to be used by umno to sell out the Chinese people in Malaysia

    That’s what made me changed my mind and support OTK’s decision to kick out CSL

    It won’t be pretty, but for the sake of the future of MCA, CSL must go

    Maybe my simpletonian thinking makes no sense, but that’s how I think

    Comment by Kalambong — September 15, 2009 @ 10:50 am

    • MCa cannot and must not pull out of BN. If it does those Extemist and Politicaly Bankcrupt will raise the racial issue. They will try to project it as such. No MCA & MIC must stay put in BN. The party MCA is not at fault but some of the leaders are. It always boils down to the people. I believe in 2 party system for a check and balance.As the Historian Lord Acton puts it:
      POWER CORRUPT ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS also we the people who are Kiasu and Kiasi thats at fault.Those who dont vote and those who says politics are for the politician is also at fault.We must be politicaly savy so we know where to put our votes.We must know our leaders well so we know who to support.We must know the Good Apple from the Rotten one

      Comment by SH Wong — September 16, 2009 @ 8:28 pm

  3. CSL was the “zhong bao sau” for Toon Ling. He was the one who screamed and shot Toon Ling’s opponents and that’s why CSL climbed high after the LLS and Lee Kim sai episode. Toon Ling’s son was supposed to come to JB to join hand with CSL to fight Ong Ka ting in 2008 MCA election – CSL for President and Toon Ling son for the Youth. But the DVD scandal screwed up everything or rather his dick out of the pants screwed up. the rest is history.

    Comment by U TURN — September 29, 2009 @ 11:30 am

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