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May 4, 2010

Just do it, Chua Soi Lek

Never knew so many Malaysians suffer from Hamlet’s Syndrome….

So little time, but soooo much wasting of precious hours analyzing to death the facts that everybody, including my favourite char kuey teow man already knows about BN and MCA – the fall guy flavour of the month.

There comes a time, when we heed a certain call, that the organisation, must stand, stand together as one…. (or at least fight a good fight).

How now, brown cow?

1. Create value for your members

Give them a sense of pride, that being a card carrying member matters – give each of your subscribing members the power to decide who to lead MCA as a political party instead of MCA as a social welfare organisation. Still don’t get it? Direct election of the Central Committee is the answer.

2. Get rid of bad salesmen/saleswomen aka grassroot leaders

It is intolerable for any business, to have salesmen/saleswomen who just don’t and won’t get the job done to get the buy-in from customers or members for the organisation’s products/services. If MCA divisional leaders are unable to sell MCA the political party to the grassroots, get rid of these lousy salesmen. If your grassroots leaders are unable to jump up the benchmark above ‘longkang’ pointing mode, get rid of them.

Favourite pose of MCA

Favourite pose and image of MCA and the faithful longkang

Bring in those who can tell and sell MCA to Malaysians of all colours. Remember how MCA once had 15 Member of Parliaments before 2008? Can you afford to have 0 MPs whom can be perceived able to speak up on policy matters in Parliament in the next General Election?

3. Just do it, Chua Soi Lek!

Let’s see if the MCA members made the right choice choosing Chua Soi Lek to do the job to take charge of the 61 year old party’s turnaround – from a social welfare organisation into a political party of choice for Malaysians.

No pain, no gain.


  1. What is the function of armed enforcement agencies like PDRM and MACC?.
    They are supposed to catch big time thieves of the Malaysian treasury.
    In this way the wealth of the nation will be circulated within the country.
    Then it is not necessary for small theieves to carry out minor crimes out of necessity to fill the stomaches of their families.
    PDRM and MACC has failed the people in the above agenda.
    They goes around catching small theieves.But as the economy of Malaysia goes fom bad to worst more people are forced to be small thieves everyday.They never to be able to have enough mampower to catch all the newly born small thieves.
    PDRM amd MACC did not catch Tiong King Sing and Musa Aman who stole billions from the country.If these billions were not taken out of the country many Malaysians would have a decent job and do not have to resort to corruption and stealing from the supermarkets.
    I am from Kulim,Sabah but I have stayed in KK for more than 20 years.My IT management contacts in all the 5 star hotels have supplied me with a wealth of the corruption details on most of the Sabah ministers especially Musa Aman.But whenever I send them to MACC they always say that it is complete.They poured cold water over thw whole issue.
    But they must know that if I take the documents from Musa Aman’s office the police may arrest me for stealing and put me to jail.
    The conclusion between the police,MACC Musa Aman is simply I help you and you help me.Musa Aman steal billions and we cover you

    Comment by Bei Soo Lang — August 17, 2010 @ 4:37 pm

  2. Dear Bei Soo Lang,

    Friend, may I suggest you send your complaint to PM Najib…. his blog is at

    On the examples you have provided, it will be good in the interest of democracy, to hear from all parties indicated as under Malaysia law a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    Comment by bananachinese — August 29, 2010 @ 3:56 pm

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