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April 26, 2011

On the illness of UMNO, MCA, MIC, other components and their NGOs

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A physician visited the Marquis of (pick any from UMNO/MCA/MIC/other components/NGOs or if you prefer, Perkasa) and from the complexion of the latter the physician noted that he was looking at a sick man. The physician told the Marquis his observation, but not having any symptom of discomfort, the Marquis did not take heed.

Five days later, the physician saw the Marquis again and on looking at his complexion repeated his previous warning and added that his condition had worsened, but again the Marquis would not listen to him.

Another five days later the physician again met the Marquis and told him that he could observe that the Marquis’ illness had now become even worse than on the two previous occasions when they saw each other, but again the Marquis maintained that he was in good health and paid no attention to the physician.

Five days later the physician came to see the Marquis and left without uttering a word. Thinking that the physician was admitting his own mistake by keeping silent, the Marquis sent someone to ask the physician why he left without giving any advice to his lordship. The physician told the messenger that the illness of the Marquis had reached a state which no medicine could cure and no amount of medication could have any effect and hence he could not have given any useful advice.

Five days later the Marquis fell ill and quickly sent for the physician. However, the physician had already left. The Marquis died shortly afterwards.

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