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April 19, 2015

Beware of Malaysia telcos’ unfair plan on mobile users

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Shabery Cheek the UMNO minister talked about reducing telco charges.

Yawnnnn… Nothing new nor actions anew from a BN politician.

If dear Shabery Cheek really wants a seat on the UMNO VP, dare him to haul up the telcos charging hapless customers with uncheap monthly plan or that plan bundled with phone. Tying up customers to perpetuity (2 years are a hell of a long time in new phone gadgets acquisition), barring their lines when overdue yet still continually charging every monthly plan fees. All the while customer cannot use the barred lines, no service! And the bill keeps adding up. Telcos gains, customer threatened with CTOS blacklisting. Hell. Who of your voters want to pay for non useable phone time/service?

MCMC is just shutting a blind eye to this unfair practice benefitting them telcos. Maybe waiting for Minister to give instructions to action.

So tell me, MCMC and Shabery Cheek, why the telcos are allowed to benefit from such loop sided contracts for so long? Ever heard of good faith and fair dealing?

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