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November 28, 2007

Hindraf: Analysis, Commentaries and Solidarity (after the fact)

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It’s strange that we do not hear many people expressing their solidarity with the HINDRAF walkers before 25 Nov happened. The solidarity meter climbed up high after we have been exposed to last Sunday’s visual stimuli. Amazing… a proof that did not fail to remind that humans are firstly, visual creatures.

I hope Mr Lim Kit Siang will not to come up with a label like perhaps, ‘2511’ for this event. Guess it’s the apek thingy to put numbers for every significant things. I suppose it makes it so much easier to remember and for trying one’s luck punting at Toto, Magnum and the horse thingy (can’t remember the name, me not punter).

It’s good Mr Lim Kit Siang did the jig with Mr SK Devamany about Hindraft at Parliament. However, I don’t think Mr SK Devamany must be punished by all sides (BN and opposition players).

Look, the way I see it, Mr Devamany was just doing his duty speaking as a member of the ruling government (BN) in the Al-Jazeera interview. In Parliament, however, Mr Devamany should be looked at as not merely a representative of the government but first and foremost- a Member of Parliament for Cameron Highlands constituency. A functional Parliament recognises MPs, not government servants lar… Thus, logical for his articulation in Parliament on behalf of his fellow Malaysians. By his actions, it shows somewhat that he is aware of his responsibilities.

I feel it’s a bit hasty on the part of some of us to cast the first stones at Mr Devamany. As I turn the kaleidoscope, I could not help but feel the action of Mr Devamany is more honourable than those who were or are unable to draw a clear distinction between their position in government/political parties and elected roles as MP (or MP in waiting). Maybe because Mr Devamany did what he did at Parliament because he also sits on the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on Integrity. Maybe.

How I wish our shackled mainstream journalists are allowed to write events as such without bias… free to exercise their viewpoints from all angles, multi-perspectives. I also wish would also try to give us more multi-perspectival reporting. The forth estate has a role to stimulate us. As Evanescence would sing, “Bring me to life“.

Then, there may be hope yet for the government and reform for all its players within/out the system, for now and eternity. Sigh*

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