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April 13, 2008

Today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow’s special: MPs wit and oratory performance featuring Khairy!

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When asked why about Khairy lying low after GE12, Datuk Rahman Dahlan (UMNO Youth Executive Secretary) added:

“Interestingly enough, Parliament will probably be the place for him to regain the people’s confidence. I believe if he performs in Parliament and matches the wit and the oratory skills of Opposition members and defend the Government and UMNO from the barrage of expected criticism from the Opposition, he can bounce back. I believe this Parliament sesion is going to be interesting for him.”

hohohoho… UMNO youth’s limited understanding thinks that Parliament is a propagandist vehicle.

According to this joker, to be a good Parliamentarian would mean using wit and oratory skills to defend the Government and UMNO from criticisms.

…and I thought Parliament is the place to speak and debate on lawmaking for Malaysia. Not to promote party lines.

Could this mean live telecast of Parliament sitting will be an indoctrination session for all Malaysians. Yuckkkkks…

I also worry for PKR’s and DAP’s MPs. They may be bored to death just sitting passively in their seats throughout the sessions. Some cannot speak Bahasa Malaysia. Can listen, understand maybe but cannot debate cos Bahasa Malaysia tak boleh pakai, mah.

And so a very likely possibility is that Khairy the UMNO machine, may hog the telecast with his solo debates to showcase his wit and oratory skills onto us hapless citizens.

Next GE, must put up one more condition for MP candidates: “What do you know of lawmaking and its processes?”

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