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March 5, 2010

MCA’s AGM on 7 March and fresh elections 28 March

Boy did I have fun with MCA’s Central Committee supplying a ping pong like suspense this afternoon; following Twitter and Twitterers.

Maybe this year’s MCA Anniversary cum AGM should be tagged as “To hold, not to hold, kena hold, ordered to hold and have to hold”

See how some poor media friends have to play catch up with the changing by the hour decisions by the Malaysian Chinese Association central committee ‘leaders’…

Chronological order below:

mkini_en: MCA Youth, Wanita put off tomorrow’s AGM: Both annual general meetings (AGMs) of MCA Youth and Wanita, which were …

nstonline: Breaking Now! MCA Youth, wanita postpone AGM: KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA Youth and Wanita wings have postponed their re…

NoorAzam: Cancel 1 assignment! Phew. RT @insider_latest: MCA Youth, Wanita scratch this weekend’s AGM to pressure OTK to hold party polls quickly.

insider_latest: FLASH – MCA central committee decides to hold EGM March 28 & have fresh party elections.

insider_latest: FLASH – MCA AGM to go on this Sunday, March 7.

ashwad1: Changes…kena bookn camera semula :D@NoorAzam RT @insider_latest: FLASH – MCA AGM to go on this Sunday, March 7.

insider_latest: FLASH – MCA central committee orders Youth & Wanita wings to have AGMs on March 6 despite respective chief’s decision to postpone.

chedet: First time in 56-year MCA history – fresh party leadership elections decided by external remote control: Who was t…

Makes you wonder who is in charge of the remote control, doesn’t it…

Tik Tok on the clock…


March 19, 2009

Wanita UMNO chief contest: Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Hear ye, hear ye, Wanita UMNO ladies… did the respected Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail sent you ladies a hint! hint! yesterday?

Let the contest begin with a nice compendium of nice short Snippets (or is it called Sound Bites now?)



A sad woman’s comment:

Snippet #1:

Perwakilan Wanita UMNO perlu pikir sedalam-dalamnya sebelum memilih Ketua Wanitanya.

Perkara paling penting yang mesti dipertimbangkan:

1. Masa depan Wanita UMNO, iaitu dalam jangkamasa kini ke PRU 13.

2. Kebolehan Wanita UMNO untuk berpidato politik untuk bertanding dengan pembangkang dari Pakatan Rakyat. Tanya orangramai dan rata-rata akan berkata Wanita UMNO tidak dapat menonjolkan kebolehan berfikir atau berdebat. Memasak boleh lah.

3. Parti komponen kedua terbesar MCA mempunyai ketua Wanita yang muda. Wanita UMNO bila pula?

4. Ketua Wanita baru perlu memperjuangkan hak Wanita terutama dalam suasana ekonomi yang suram ini. Tanya betul-betul kat Rafidah dan Shahrizat, apa pelan mereka bagi memperjuangkan kesejahteraan kaum Wanita.



Rafidah says that until to the end of the world the Malay women in UMNO will need to throng house to house to do voters survey! Yikes!!! All Wanita UMNO members better load up on your whitening lotions and sun blocks SPF50++ quickly!!! PRU 13 not very far away, you know…

On second thought, how the heck can the women do this in high rise and swanky households of KL, Selangor? One can walk and walk, houses to houses but one can only interview the maids cos the “Tuan tak ada rumah!” I wonder if the baju kurungs of Wanita UMNO can withstand the bites of upset imported dogs… heheheehe…

Snippet # 2:

“Ada kalangan wanita UMNO yang menyebut soal perubahan kerana mereka kata sampai bila Wanita UMNO hendak jadi peraih undi?

RAFIDAH: Sampai kiamat.

Mingguan Malaysia Rafidah memaparkan kenapa beliau ingin terus menerajui Wanita.



A blogger said there’s nothing to shout about Wanita UMNO’s non-achievements so far:

Snippet # 3:
“Jika menyorok sejarah wanita, tiada apa yang boleh dibanggakan oleh sayap parti itu, tiada sumbangan boleh dijadikan buah tangan untuk ahli Umno.

Apa yang wanita Umno tahu adalah melaksanakan lawatan sambil belajar, ke luar negara. Itu sahaja. Rafidah perlu memikirkan satu gagasan idea yang terbaik bagi menjenamakan semula Wanita Umno.”

~Guana Gu



eh… the journalist also agreed with the blogger on change…
Apparently them journalists are also tired of no ideas from Rafidah despite queening it as Wanita UMNO chief all these years…

Snippet # 4:

“Minta maaf Kak Dah dan siapa jua penyokong Kak Dah. Rata-rata editor kanan MSM yang ada sekarang adalah wartawan sebelum ini yang pernah membuat liputan majlis Kak Dah. Dan mungkin Kak Dah ingat jika ada wartawan yang pernah menemui Kak Dah selepas Kak Dah memberi ucapan.

Biasanya selepas Kak Dah atau mana-mana pemimpin memberi ucapan, para wartawan akan menemui pemimpin itu untuk mendapatkan berita susulan. Dan ada di antara kami yang menemui Kak Dah untuk bertanyakan berita susulan. Kami bertanya kepada Kak Dah satu soalan dan Kak Dah menjawab: “Tadi saya sudah beri ucapan dan awak semua boleh tulis ucapan saya”. Itu kata Kak Dah.

Seorang wartawan menjawab: YB… your speech is nothing. Give us another story.” Itu yang salah seorang daripada kami bertanya.

Ya… dari dulu lagi Kak Dah sudah tidak ada idea. Kejadian yang saya ceritakan itu berlaku pada 1988. Dan sekarang 2008. Bermakna sudah berapa tahun? Dan Kak Dah sudah tua dan memang tidak layak lagi memimpin Wanita Umno. Namun, saya tidak berkata bahawa Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil adalah lebih baik.”




Here’s a brief biodata compiled by a fellow blogger on Rafidah Aziz that the people on the street still can remember and gossip about:

Snippet # 5:

RAFIDAH AZIZ – menerima banyak kejutan dalam usaha mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Wanita. Pernah dituduh menjadi punca merosotnya jualan kereta nasional, Proton, kerana menggunakan kedudukannya sebagai Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri sebelum 2004 dengan mengeluarkan terlalu banyak permit import (AP) bagi kereta Korea Selatan, khasnya KIA.

Dituduh bersekongkol dan mendapat laba besar daripada Naza Motors kerana hubungan rapatnya dengan Allahyarham Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin. Naza juga dikatakan memberi saham besar kepada Rafidah.

Sepertimana juga Mohd. Ali Rustam (laporan di Malaysiakini), Rafidah dikecam kerana mendapat habuan besar daripada setiap pelabur asing yang ingin menanam modal di Malaysia. Tidak cukup dengan itu, beliau dilabel sebagai ‘Wanita Besi’ kerana tidak dapat menerima kekalahannya kepada Siti Zaharah bagi jawatan Ketua Wanita suatu ketika dahulu. Ahli Parlimen Kuala Kangsar ini masih tidak dapat lari daripada fitnah mewujudkan kem sendiri bagi jawatankuasa Pergerakan Wanita Malaysia.

~Just read!

June 16, 2008

Reminds one of Scomi and its centrifuge

Mention the word ‘centrifuge’ and it reminds me of the case of B.S.A. Tahir who was arrested and placed under ISA. Don’t remember? In February 2004, BBC came out a report about Scomi subsidiary, Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was making centrifuge for export to Libya. These components were said made for nuclear devices. Read more here if you are still blur…
Its reports like these that make me say ‘Malaysia tak boleh’.

And how come Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has nothing to say about this?

Read the following from The New York Times:

Officials Fear Bomb Design Went to Others

Four years after Abdul Qadeer Khan, the leader of the world’s largest black market in nuclear technology, was put under house arrest and his operation declared shattered, international inspectors and Western officials are confronting a new mystery, this time over who may have received blueprints for a sophisticated and compact nuclear weapon found on his network’s computers.

Working in secret for two years, investigators have tracked the digitized blueprints to Khan computers in Switzerland, Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand. The blueprints are rapidly reproducible for creating a weapon that is relatively small and easy to hide, making it potentially attractive to terrorists.

The revelation this weekend that the Khan operation even had such a bomb blueprint underscores the questions that remain about what Dr. Khan, a Pakistani metallurgist and the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, was selling and to whom. It also raises the possibility that he may still have sensitive material.

Yet even as inspectors and intelligence officials press their investigation of Dr. Khan, officials in Pakistan have declared the scandal over and have discussed the possibility of setting him free. In recent weeks, American officials have privately warned the new government in Pakistan about the dangers of doing so.

“We’ve been very direct with them that releasing Khan could cause a world of trouble,” a senior administration official who has been involved in the effort said last week. “The problem with Pakistan these days is that you never know who is making the decision — the army, the intelligence agencies, the president or the new government.”

The illicit nuclear network run by Dr. Khan was broken up in early 2004. President Bush, eager for an intelligence victory after the failure to find unconventional weapons in Iraq, declared that ending Dr. Khan’s operation was a major coup for the United States. Since then, evidence has emerged that the network sold uranium enrichment technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. Investigators are still pursuing leads that he may have done business with other countries.

Dr. Khan is an expert in centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium for bomb fuel, and much of the technology he sold involved enrichment. But it was only in recent months that officials have begun to confirm that they had found the electronic design for a bomb itself among material seized from some of Dr. Khan’s top lieutenants, a Swiss family, the Tinners.

The same design documents were found in computers in three other locations connected to Khan operatives, according to a senior foreign diplomat involved in the investigation.

American officials and inspectors at the International Atomic Energy Agency say they have been unable to determine if the weapon blueprints were sold to Iran or other customers of the smuggling ring.

The blueprints bear a strong resemblance to weapons tested by Pakistan a decade ago, said two senior diplomats involved in the investigation. Pakistani officials have balked at providing much information about the newly revealed warhead design, just as they have refused to allow the C.I.A. or international atomic inspectors to directly interrogate Dr. Khan, who is still considered a national hero in Pakistan for helping it become a nuclear weapons state.

Pakistani officials insist that Dr. Khan, as the leader of a uranium enrichment program, had no weapons access. But this is the second weapons design found in his smuggling network. The first was for an unwieldy but effective Chinese design from the mid-1960s that Libya acknowledged obtaining from the Khan network before it surrendered its bomb-making equipment in 2003.

Both the new and the old designs exploit the principle of implosion, in which a blast wave from a sphere of conventional explosives squeezes inward with tremendous force to compress a ball of bomb fuel, starting the chain reaction and the atomic explosion. A nuclear official in Europe familiar with the Khan investigation said the new design was powerful but miniaturized — using about half the uranium fuel of the older design to produce a greater explosive force.

“Pakistan cannot put the big China design on any of its rockets,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information is classified. “It’s too big.” A smaller warhead created from the new design, he added, is “more efficient and easier to hide,” meaning that one day it might become a “terrorist issue.”

China first exploded the old design in 1966, nuclear experts say, and Pakistan fired the miniaturized version in 1998.

Nuclear experts said a warhead built from the new design was small enough to fit atop a family of medium-range missiles that derive from North Korea’s Nodong class of missiles. Those missiles include Pakistan’s Ghauri and Iran’s Shahab. All are about four feet wide, and any warhead atop them must, by definition, be smaller.

In interviews in Vienna, Islamabad and Washington, officials have said that the weapons design was far more sophisticated than the blueprints discovered in Libya in 2003, when Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi gave up his country’s nuclear weapons program. The design is electronic, they said, making it easy to copy — and they have no idea how many copies, if any, are circulating.

On Sunday, Mr. Bush’s national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, said that the administration remained concerned about the possibility that additional plans had been disseminated, but he did not address any of the latest revelations, which were reported Sunday by The Washington Post and The New York Times. “We’re very concerned about the A. Q. Khan network,” he told reporters traveling with Mr. Bush from Paris to London.

The existence of the compact bomb design began to become public in recent weeks after Switzerland announced that it had destroyed a huge stockpile of documents, including weapons designs, that were found in computers belonging to Friedrich Tinner and his two sons, Marco and Urs, all arrested as part of the Khan investigation.

Switzerland’s president, Pascal Couchepin, said in late May that the government had destroyed the documents to keep atomic materials from “getting into the hands of a terrorist organization or an unauthorized state.”

Two former Bush administration officials said they believed that the Tinners had provided information to the C.I.A. while the father and two sons were still working for Dr. Khan and that some of their information helped American and British officials intercept shipments of centrifuges en route to Libya in 2003.

When news of that interception became public and Libya turned its $100 million program over to American and atomic energy agency officials, President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan forced Dr. Khan to issue a vague confession and then placed him under house arrest. Dr. Khan has since renounced that confession in Pakistani and Western news media, saying he made it only to save Pakistan greater embarrassment.

It was not until 2005 that officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is based in Vienna, finally cracked the hard drives on the Khan computers recovered around the world. And as they sifted through files and images on the hard drives, investigators found tons of material — orders for equipment, names and places where the Khan network operated, even old love letters.

“There was stuff about dealing with Iranians in 2003, about how to avoid intelligence agents,” said one official who had reviewed it. But the most important document was a digitized design for a nuclear bomb, one that investigators quickly recognized as Pakistani.

“It was plain where this came from,” a senior official of the atomic energy agency said. “But the Pakistanis want to argue that the Khan case is closed, and so they have said very little.”

In public statements, Pakistani officials have insisted that the Khan “incident,” as they call it, is now history, and they publicly declared nearly two years ago that their investigations were over.

A senior Pakistani official said that in April that the information provided by the atomic energy agency was “vague and incomplete,” and he insisted that because Dr. Khan’s laboratories specialized in manufacturing equipment needed to enrich uranium, “he was not involved in weapons designs.”

But atomic energy agency investigators and American intelligence officials say they have little doubt that he was the source of the digitized bomb design. “Clearly, someone had tried to modernize it, to improve the electronics,” one said. “There were handwritten references to the electronics, and the question is, who was working on this?”

The officials said that parts of the design were coded so that they could be transferred quickly to an automated manufacturing system.

May 19, 2008

CheDet resigns from UMNO!


Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad announced at 12:35pm today from Alor Setar that he resigns from UMNO. Reason for resignation as a protest against PM Dato’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

No wonder his voice was not steady during the interview with Bernama on topic of Lingam Tape Royal Inquiry where Tun M said go on, investigate. The man must have been angry, terribly angry at this undignified political slap in the face.

And so, today, in his resignation announcement, Tun M also invites other UMNO members to resign. BUT, not to join other political parties…

Like this blogger here, I suspect we shall see a revival of Semangat 46 or a rebranded one as Semangat 88 soon?

Wonder what the other members of the component parties in Barisan Nasional must be thinking now. Uneasy? Happy with respite from heat as UMNO is now in the full blast of the super trooper and will be indulging in it for some time?

Students of politics, please take this golden opportunity to learn top skillful political play from the best of the best, ok?



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