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June 3, 2008 latest: Petrol can be $4/lt at market price

Its time for everybody to downgrade to a Kancil or a Honda cub now!

Store your big petrol guzzler car in the house – only use it to show off when you go to wedding/association/clan dinners/functions.

According to the latest in
“If petrol is to be sold at full market prices, it could be as high as almost RM4 a litre – about 100% above current levels.”

Aiya, Malaysiakini, say the bitter truth out loud la. It’ll be more than 100% above current levels! To me madden mind it’s above 100%. Period.

El cheapo me always go for the Ron 92 at $1.88 per litre. Sometimes the over enthusiastic petrol pump attendant select the Ron 97 for my 4 wheeler. At $1.92 per litre, that set me back at some $ compared with if I had got my hands first to the petrol pump nozzler. Multiply that for a month’s petrol expenses. One of my greatest regret: quick draw I ain’t, sadly.

I ain’t also happy with the government’s poor attempt to pacify the rakyat that this price rise is inevitable to keep up with the Joneses in the world. Of course, I know Malaysia’s petrol is among the cheapest. Oi! I read the international magazines and keep up with news, you know.

Use la rational thinking and logic when telling us about this bad news. Don’t think that the rakyat is so stupid and do not know that we’ve been enjoying the Great Petrol Subsidy (GPS) all this while. Tell us la how government intend to formulate policies to ensure GPS erosion/pull back will not deter our country’s competitiveness. Don’t la hide behind some stupid unthinking politicians whose greatest skills are to make primary school level emotional/nationalistic statements to make us feel that the great government has been doing rakyat the greatest favour all these years with the GPS.

Did you know that even the local nasi lemak makcik is questioning whose pockets received the subsidy that government has been paying to Petronas. Malaysia owns Petronas, yes? Strange logic indeed to the Kancil owning rakyat.

If you do not have any competent ministers/politicians who can tell like it is to the rakyat and satisfy their concerns, please contact me, I’d love to give you some good references.

Welcome to the real competitive world, Malaysians.

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