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December 16, 2011

System error?

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Negri Sembilan MCA chief Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam caused a minor brohaha recently when he disclosed his generous helping an opposition politician’s mother and was not thanked for the assistance. That subtly implied Teo Nie Ching (MP for Serdang) needed to be vocally thankful for his helping her mother who was in need of medical assistance some time ago.

But let us not get caught in the silly business of needing to be publicly thankful or grateful to politicians who offered social welfare/charities as their core business instead of law & policy making.

So for voting rakyat, the most important questions to ask of BN and particularly of MCA are:

1. Why are we having a health system whereby sick people need to get MCA bigwigs’ assistance in order to get proper medical attention”?

2. Is such a system being deliberately created by the BN government so that their party leaders can demonstrate their ‘importance’?

Thanks to a commentator by name of ONG who posted the very pertinent question here


Hey, I’m not totally against MCA, but if MCA needs to get beyond GE13, its leaders and veterans need to clean up after itself before even thinking of contesting. Wiser for these oldies to just backoff and let new faces rise up to be MCA candidates.

btw, Can somebody clarify if Yeow Chai Thiam is a real doctor who took the hippocratic oath, doctor-patient confidentiality or a PhD graduate?

Hopefully medical doctors today will not take oath-taking as little more than a ritual with little value beyond that of upholding tradition of that time honoured profession.

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