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March 15, 2008

A cyber prescription for Barisan Nasional. Pak Lah are you listening?

Perhaps some Malaysiakini readers may have already written about this. But this take is better. hehehe…

Click here for an expert’s 2 sens advice for poor BN…

Any BN leaders out there can carry this important message back to your leadership?

NB: Wouldn’t hurt newly crowned state governments to read it too.

December 19, 2007

New year, new look for Malaysiakini, Malaysia-today and

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Interesting discovery…

All three Malaysian news/opinion websites changing to new look for 2008. All at nearly the same time…

Malaysiakini giving voice to the opposition,

Malaysia-today giving voice to all, giving voice to ??? [p/s: Check out their raw videos.]

Hooray! More variety of viewpoints for Malaysians to kick start/tickle their grey matter and practice civil engagement on the net and hopefully spillover to real life. Then only Malaysia has hope for a new generation of real leaders. Leaders who can read, write, speak and more importantly, listen and engage with the people. Not frustrate the people with new tolls, fascist thinking, stupid utterances, wasteful projects…. I can go on and on. But new year is coming and so,

Peace and Love, everybody.

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