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September 3, 2010

BFM brings back the oomph to Malaysia radio (today only)

This morning is a classy morning for me brains courtesy of BFM the Big Fine Malaysian radio station heeheehee….

2nd anniversary of BFM radio saw Patrick Teoh (in fine PC restrained form) and Alan Zachariah (a voice that’s music to tired ears) on air this morning. Waiting for Datuk Yasmin Yusuf (what’s that sound?), Datuk Faridah Merican, etc to come on air later today.

Kudos to BFM for bringing people of sanity and class back to morning radio on the English radiowave even if it is for today only. The attempts of thinking listeners trying to convey their concerns to DJs were touching (Its pitiful how people suffered from confused/knotty messages from various media onslaughts/reporting/misreporting on state of the country).

Maybe BFM should do more of sessions touching on thinking politics  (not complaining only) grilled to perfection by Freda Liu with the creative Patrick Teoh as mentor sidekick – wow, delicious…..

Hope you received the hint loud and clear, Mr BFM CEO Malek?

Sigh… tomorrow its back to switching off the radio (except BFM certain segments) to protect me from the inane chatterings and soft porn lyrics mashed inside current song chart toppers.

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