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January 30, 2008

Wen Jia Bao got balls – MCA dare you follow?

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In a rare move for a Chinese politician, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao apologized yesterday to hundreds of thousands of people stranded in train stations across his country due to bad weather and a power crisis. CNN story here.

“I apologize to you all,” said Wen, using a bullhorn to address stranded travelers at a train station in Hunan province. “We are currently trying our best to repair the system.

“First we’ll fix the electric grid. After that, the trains will run again. … Then all of you can go home for the Chinese New Year,” the premier said, bringing applause from the crowd.

Sigh…  See how big brother show the world that the China government is in control and taking responsibility for the situation?

And this touches me heart… 
Brutal winter weather has pounded China’s central, eastern and southern sections, stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers ahead of the holiday. Wen flew out of Beijing en route to Hunan province on Monday night, had to detour to neighboring Hubei province because of the bad weather. He completed his trip by train, arriving in Changsha City, Hunan’s capital, on Tuesday morning.

MCA oh, MCA.

Your big homeland brother has shown courage and how to exercise leadership in this modern times.

Can you let go your servile mentality and take the hint from big brother of the world?

Time now to talk straight and direct to Malaysians. Don’t be stupidly clinging on to old paradigm. Old thinking worked well last time when us Malaysians were not sent to school. Now most can read and write. Somemore people now got opinions and their minds and hearts can reject your illogicality of thoughts and actions.

It’s a possibility if MCA don’t change gear to follow big brother Wen’s style for the new world order, I fear MCA may exit out of Malaysia history by the next, next General Elections. For being outdated mah, must throw away lah, expired already what.

P/S: Sorry lah, MCA to scold you. But I see MCA is the better party within BN. If I don’t help give you some clues, then who will? What about Malaysiakini? Malaysia-today?

January 28, 2008

Lingam video’s 3rd explosive segment

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It’s out!!!!

So titillating and exciting, it even got them dogs talking.

See also Malaysiakini

hehehe… can’t wait for 4th segment…


Best Chinese New Year message from Ong Tee Keat

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If you are like me, who squirms and wiggles from massive allergic reaction to the normal doodahdoodah messages from your normal politicians, you’d praise high heavens and its angels for sending you somebody to give your ears something better to listen and brains to digest.

Especially for something as big as CNY. Nothing is as big as CNY for us Chinese. Therefore, the CNY message must be befitting and not insult our intelligence or test our patience for the long year ahead.

I recommend you this nice CNY message to send to your family, friends and everybody (that makes the sender looks intelligent for once.)

MCA must make more of him. I like thinking politicians who dare to say the unsaidable in the government.

Malaysiakini and Malaysia-today must also give space lah to highlight the better politicians from MCA. We seldom hear news of this one on the net.

Heard rumours Ong Tee Keat looking for a constituency to park himself this GE…

January 24, 2008

Dear Malaysia Political Parties, Here’s how to get my Vote

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Dear political parties,

Here are some simple things you may want to do to get my vote:

A. Crime

1. Reduce, reduce and reduce.
2. Sack the non-performing Minister of Internal Security.
3. Police to do police jobs, NOT political jobs.
4. National compensation scheme for victims of crimes – specifically, snatch theft and road accident victims (its criminal to inflict hurt by stupid, careless, daredevil driving or rempiting)

B. Economy

1. Increase, increase and increase.
2. Do away with bureaucratic barriers – specifically, sack those officers who frustrates rather than facilitate the people’s needs to do business NOW.
3. Sack the non-performing Minister of Entrepreneur Development.
4. Give licences / grants/soft loans to ALL races equitably.

C. Foreign labour

1. Reduce, reduce and reduce
2. Sack the Home Minister for slacking on the job – for keeping illegal workers in our country.
3. Sack the Defence Minister for slacking on the job – for allowing illegals easy access into our country’s shores.

January 23, 2008

More sex DVDs???

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True or not this rumours going around… we’ll be entertained with more titillating sexual escapades.

So soon after the Chua Soi Lek confession… so exciting living in Malaysia now.

January 22, 2008

A response to Drama minggu ini dipersembahkan oleh MIC

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Found this response to the MIC drama.

Here it is.


January 21, 2008

Thaipusam IS public holiday for KL

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Yeap folks, election is coming and the goodies are rolling out…

PM suddenly woke up and realised our Indian brothers/sisters need an additional public holiday. Samy Vellu said over TV3 that since 1986, Thaipusam was not a public holiday for KL.

I never knew this PM can be such a nice guy and so considerate to the Indian community. Perhaps…someone must have reminded PM about making Thaipusam a public holiday wef. 23/1/08.

Would PM have announced a holiday if the general elections were not around the corner?

Sniff, sniff, sniff… it doth somewhat smells somethin’ like an open bribe to our Indian brethrens.

Maybe the HINDRAF 5 deserve some credit for getting us this fast tracked public holiday. Poor Samy after 28 years was unable to do it.

Whilst we are at it, can I propose that Good Friday and Easter Sunday be declared a holiday for KL? Can? Can?

January 18, 2008

Direct from PWTC!!! Youth’08… Superstars wannabes better come check it out!

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I’ve a very nice time playing online games here.

You didn’t know there’s a Youth’08 exhibition here, meh? Got lots of online computers (with games!!!), blog contest (check out the desperadoes blog owners begging for your votes, hehehe. There’s one wearing a Burger King crown, panting ‘Vote Me! Vote Me!’ hehe, cute.)

Oh yeah, if you have stars in your eyes, go la to the auditions. I think got a few companies here looking out for undiscovered talents. Who knows, you turn out hotter than LonelyGirl…

Got also talk telling you how to get a job with gomen… Worth checking out. Ahem, conducted by MCA – maybe they can give insider tip how to land a ‘iron’ rice bowl.

Go quick before it ends this Sunday…

NB: If you cannot come but want to join gomen get a job, call la the MCA people. Their phone no. is 03-2161 8044.

Eager beaver Anwar’s getting in line to Lingam’s inquiry

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Mr. Velan, the lawyer for Anwar Ibrahim at the Royal Commission will be bringing 2 SECRET WITNESSES to counter Mahathir’s (I can’t remember. It’s my prerogative…) and Tengku Adnan’s (Lingam must be drunk…) statements. See Malaysiakini for more…

It’s understandable that Tengku Adnan would not admit outright but I still can’t comprehend how he could come out with such a shallow answer. He must be thinking the royal commission members are faux like him.

Anwar is also very eager to be called in asap as he has very important information.

This calls for a song and dance. OK everybody, join your hands together and sing the latest Malaysia ballad in unison. This ballad should have no problem reaching #1 in the popular category. Lyrics here. Music is up to you to make up yourself.

January 14, 2008

Mahathir, Lingam and the royal commission

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Myself won’t put high hopes for the Lingam royal commission to be put into action after the fact finding or after you have brought the nice published report. Myself brought the report by the royal commission on police last time and now regretting it lots. NATO only.

But… let not this deter you from enjoying the tantalising and titillating bits and pieces that the Lingam royal commission might bring you. Its better than Wah Lai Toi stuff anyway.

Malaysiakini reported an exclusive with a Mr Loh Mui Fah who came forward to say he was there when Lingam was captured having the nice high powered lobbying conversation in the videotape. He has found out that his naughty son has recorded the session with a high powered camera. He didn’t know who leaked the video to Mr PKR Anwar. He was also not happy with Anwar for sharing the recording with you and me. Horrors…! Anwar may have committed a terrible faux pas there (if he knew the owner of the recording and didn’t ask for permission, that is).

Why Mr Loh came out to confess? Because he was fed up with the tailing, threatening phone calls. Yes, a nice example of invasion on privacy at work here. I’m sure Mr Loh would support Chua Soi Lek if the former Health Minister were able to push for a Privacy Act. Speaking of which, we all also have to get ready for invasion on OUR personal privacy… as soon as those on-lease CCTVs are installed everywhere. Imagine, being caught on CCTV meeting a ‘personal’ friend on the streets.

Here’s a banana question for you: How did the nice Lingam recording get into the hands of Anwar?

NB: Why give Mahathir the limelight in my post title? Da man’s gotta be da link, man…

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