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November 29, 2007

Hindraf: MP in India writes to Manmohan Singh, Penang state councillor ‘breaks ranks’

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In India, an MP has written to Manmohan Singh expressing concerns for Tamil Malaysians

Here’s the video + our Mr Samy Vellu’s response:

On the Malaysia side, a hard hitting letter from a Penang state councillor, Mr Toh Kin Woon expressing disagreement with the unlistening government. Log in to read here:

Will Minister Nazri chastise Mr Toh for breaking ranks across the states?

November 28, 2007

Hindraf: A response from an uncivilised cyber trooper???

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50 years of BN leadership and we are still having to suffer poor laggards unwilling to catch up with civilisation or to try develop some ability to think or understand what a Malaysian constitutes.

I feel sorry for this fella and wish him/her all the best on his/her long and winding road to wake up from the unproductive slumber so that he/she can join those already preparing for competitive 2020. Good luck to:

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Babi punya HINDRAF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kalu x ske tggl kt msia …balik INDIA lah woi…………apa punya bodoh laa…

Hindraf: Analysis, Commentaries and Solidarity (after the fact)

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It’s strange that we do not hear many people expressing their solidarity with the HINDRAF walkers before 25 Nov happened. The solidarity meter climbed up high after we have been exposed to last Sunday’s visual stimuli. Amazing… a proof that did not fail to remind that humans are firstly, visual creatures.

I hope Mr Lim Kit Siang will not to come up with a label like perhaps, ‘2511’ for this event. Guess it’s the apek thingy to put numbers for every significant things. I suppose it makes it so much easier to remember and for trying one’s luck punting at Toto, Magnum and the horse thingy (can’t remember the name, me not punter).

It’s good Mr Lim Kit Siang did the jig with Mr SK Devamany about Hindraft at Parliament. However, I don’t think Mr SK Devamany must be punished by all sides (BN and opposition players).

Look, the way I see it, Mr Devamany was just doing his duty speaking as a member of the ruling government (BN) in the Al-Jazeera interview. In Parliament, however, Mr Devamany should be looked at as not merely a representative of the government but first and foremost- a Member of Parliament for Cameron Highlands constituency. A functional Parliament recognises MPs, not government servants lar… Thus, logical for his articulation in Parliament on behalf of his fellow Malaysians. By his actions, it shows somewhat that he is aware of his responsibilities.

I feel it’s a bit hasty on the part of some of us to cast the first stones at Mr Devamany. As I turn the kaleidoscope, I could not help but feel the action of Mr Devamany is more honourable than those who were or are unable to draw a clear distinction between their position in government/political parties and elected roles as MP (or MP in waiting). Maybe because Mr Devamany did what he did at Parliament because he also sits on the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on Integrity. Maybe.

How I wish our shackled mainstream journalists are allowed to write events as such without bias… free to exercise their viewpoints from all angles, multi-perspectives. I also wish would also try to give us more multi-perspectival reporting. The forth estate has a role to stimulate us. As Evanescence would sing, “Bring me to life“.

Then, there may be hope yet for the government and reform for all its players within/out the system, for now and eternity. Sigh*

November 26, 2007

HINDRAF rally – Ordinary people’s feelings…

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I hear and understand your feelings…

“…Imagine if you’re in their shoes.. dahlah berkumpul dari awal pagi, exhausted, some of them came from god knows where, dengan tak makannya, dengan tak minumnya, tambah lagi kena panas.. pastu kena tembak tear gas and water cannons. Majority diorang pun bukannya orang senang. They felt marginalized you see.. but salah satu punca utama pun is their leader yang cannot deliver. Asyik mengauta je keje, maka golongan yang naive ni pun ikuut je.

Memang betul demonstrasi macam ni bukan cara untuk menyelesaikan masalah, tapi mungkin dengan cara macam ni sajalah politician yang leka tu akan take notice masalah diorang. Maybe dah takde jalan lain or perhaps desperate. I dont blame them totally.”

“Im not really good in politics, not interested pun nak ambik tau because pada pendapat aku most of politician are full of bullshit. Cakap itu ini, diorang makin kaya.. rakyat nak carik duit makan pun macam nak mati. Talk is cheap! Yang betul-betul patriotik dan buat kerja boleh dibilang ngan jari.”


November 25, 2007


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Woah! I like this person’s thoughts! Still got clear minded people in Malaysia, for us wannabe Socrates to engage with!!


Let me activate me grey cells and come up with a response to this guy/girl. AFTER I watch Al-Jazeera news.


P/S: Finally learnt how to do linking. hehehehee…

HINDRAF rally: Police tear-gas supporters

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Hindraf Rally: Police Tear-Gas supporters early

Breaking news from Malaysiakini: the Police have taken no chances, issued an arrest on sight order, tear-gassed and water-cannoned some supporters… as early as 7.40am. You can read it over at Malaysiakini here. Subscription required. An excerpt:-

Tear gas fired at defiant protesters
Hours before the protest organised by Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is due to take place, the police have already begun firing tear gas and chemical-laced water to disperse crowds in three areas in Kuala Lumpur – Jalan Ampang, the KLCC and Batu Caves.

The police fired a volley of tear gas at Jalan Ampang at about 7.40am today to disperse a large crowd who had gathered there. The area has been declared a curfew zone by the police, who have issued a ‘arrest on sight’ order.

Earlier, the police also used tear gas to disperse a crowd which gathered at Batu Caves and the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) areas.

Despite roadblocks and a tight police cordon to seal off the city, thousands of Indians from all around the country have arrived in Kuala Lumpur since last night.

Some of the protesters were already at Jalan Ampang near Nikko Hotel – a stone throw away from the British High Commission – early this morning.

Despite repeated firing of chemical-laced water against the 2,000-strong crowd, the protestors appeared defiant and refused to budge.

Police presence is heavy and a few arrests have been made. Part of Jalan Ampang is already closed but protesters continue to filter in from all sides.

November 22, 2007

La Body, La Rear and La Rectum

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La Body is very confused and feeling really caught in the middle these few days. La Rear has been complaining no end that La Rectum is causing unnecessary work for it.

“La Rectum has taken to behaving like an unreasonable child!” exclaimed La Rear.

“La Rectum must learn to control own movement and not cause unreasonable activity so many times in a day!!!”

“La Body, you must discipline La Rectum! La Rectum is causing us unnecessary work and disturbs the enjoyment of La Body kingdom…, everybody has to work extra…, nobody is getting any benefit from La Rectum’s undesired releases…” whines La Rear on and on and on.

La Body, the mild mannered entity and elected leader for the HUMAN kingdom was really perplexed. Why La Rear whines so? Why is La Rectum doing so? So much noise! Too many movements!

Poor La Body, who is also an exceptionally laid back leader was really caught in the middle this time. La Body was never asked to take actual action against its own members before. Never before has anything crossed its feeble mind that it might have to face such a situation. Nobody told La Body that the day would come where it has to do clean up some dirty work and come up with solid solutions for its members’ happiness.

“Oh dear, I have not learn this at school before. My teacher did not teach me how to at school. My organisation has not conducted any training to prepare me for such task!” “I cannot ask La Brain to allocate too much resources to solve this kind of problems. Worse, La Brain’s capacity is maxed already!” screamed La Body silently.

And the silence rebounded back and forth as La Body snoozes into its regular deeeeeeeep sleeeeep. Whilst the whole kingdom rocks again and again to the accompaniment of aromatic releases of La Rectum.

**Specially dedicated to short sighted political leaders of all denominations in Malaysia.

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