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December 18, 2010

A leader bus driver and on the rising nudes of Singapore

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If a bus driver can take on a leadership role in an emergency situation like this, I have to salute Singapore for demonstrating to the world how their people’s reasoning is superior.

See story below:

Dec 17, 2010
Woman arrested for boarding bus in the buff

A MIDDLE-AGED woman has been arrested after boarding a bus naked – the latest in a string of such incidents.

The Chinese woman in her 50s turned up at a bus stop in Ubi wearing a black blouse and pair of black pants, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

She slowly stripped, putting her clothes into a large handbag she was carrying.

Several minutes later, the number 22 bus ferrying more than 20 passengers reportedly arrived at the bus stop next to Block 302 in Ubi Avenue 1.

The woman boarded it and made her way to the back.

The bus driver is said to have promptly stopped the bus, ordered the male passengers to the front and women to the back, where they could help shield the woman.

Read the full story in Friday’s edition of The Straits Times.

But on the other hand, more people are going nude in Singapore…
[News report here]

Yikes! What happened along the way to a first world country, Mr Lee Kuan Yew? No wonder Dr. Mahathir so wary of it.

August 28, 2009

Save MCA! Choice morsels for Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek supporters

MCA members a bit slow one.

After 5,000 years of culture, the chinese of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) still cannot decide whether to uphold Confucius values or MTV values. (To sex or not to sex up, that is the question…) Some so ‘takut mati’ due to many donkey years of Mahathir serfdom and close association with the Ling kingdom have pleaded for truce aka scared shit to change.

As me maid has gone awol, this Bananachinese, while shopping for groceries from le wet market will also perform another great selfless act.

Yes! The great Banana will big heartedly venture to the cyber market to search for great chefs to cook up big bites and inflated bits every now and then to juice up them MCA feeble minds.

First serving from me take away kitchen, tada!

(Tell me if you need more salt & pepper, etc, will you?)

Big bites serving:


I still want to see Ong Tee Keat in Transport ministry until he has fulfilled the mission of putting all those involved in PKFZ scandal including Mr. ATM in jail. Wishful thinking…….
~ chef True Malaysian


We need leaders whom we can respect. Birds of a feather flock together. People who voted in Chua Soi Lek are probably like minded people. School students laugh at leaders like him. Some say if Chua can do such things and be accepted, it is okay for them to be involved in immoral activities too. Society will forget and later reward them. He should stay away from politics and focus on social services. Doesn’t MCA have leaders of honour?
~ chef Malaysian 1957


Yes, by all means get the EGM convened! Let the MCA members decide. This is as it should be.
~ chef Loyal malaysian

Inflated bits (as insisted by the Edison Chen stable)


Please reinstate CSL and install him as the president. In gratitude he may share his success secret of how to lie to family and his “arcane viagra consumption” techniques especially for all the old folks in the picture.
~ chef Ichigo


I thought, Cina hold on to their culture value tightly but it looks like some Ah Pek in MCA don’t. If they do, CSL pasti kena mati lemas di sangkar babi! Kalau CSL lead MCA then Edison Chen will be the best candidate for VP! This is Ah Pek style of Malaysia Boleh!
~ chef Budaya Apek

I am so happy! Uncle Chua can now focus on movie acting career full time. Woo hoo!
~ chef Dillon Yong

BC: Calm down and get yourself together, Dillon.

September 1, 2008

Analysis and Message for the good, bad and ugly MCA leaders

OK. Since Malaysiakini is not yet doing it, I’ll get the ball rolling first.

Yes, the time is right to seriously do a SWOT analysis on those who dare to suggest to us that he’s da man for MCA President.

What’s a SWOT? It is what a businessman would do to check whether the business is eg: healthy or dying or in need of a bailout.

You can do it too, this little tool is also handy for other stuff like summing up a potential girlfriend / boyfriend.

Here’s how to do a simplified SWOT analysis.

Draw a box of 3 columns, mark them 1, 2, 3.

Put the names of those you want to assess in column 1 under the subject title ‘Da Man’.

Column 2 is for you to write all the ‘Strengths’ aka ‘Positive advantage’ that these guys possess. Important note: Don’t force yourself to make up some if you cannot think of any.

Column 3 is to write all the ‘Weaknesses’ aka ‘Negative downside’ eg: ‘MCA sure kaput if this morally depraved/ corrupt/ wanton/ decadent/ despicable character becomes President’.

And now you can proceed to have some educated fun with these chaps:

Ong Tee Keat
Chua Soi Lek
Chua Jui Meng
Fong Chan Onn
+ Any other ‘capable’ leader that I did not mention here…

Merdeka bonus: To help you with the SWOT, here’s an input from an MCA member…

… Also, I find comments made by Chua Soi Lek, Donald Lim, Chua Jui Meng ludicrous. Their comments are but attempts to divert attention of the grassroot from the fault of their own leadership in the failings of recent 12 General Election.

Don’t forget BN achieved the best ever results in the 11th election. How could a party which was so strong in relevance (if you argued a party’s relevance based on its performance) just about four years ago became so irrelevant suddenly. You and I know the result had just got to do with human factor i.e. its central committee team members were so devoid of merits in managing the party!!!

Why the desperate and sudden action now to want to appear to dare speak against UMNO? If these power hungry people feel the party has become irrelevant, surely they would have detected the tell tale signs before the election. Even the last dinasours’ extinction happened over sometime. How could a party become irrelevant in such short time with none of the leaders sensing it? Nobody of these guys argued about MCA sleeping on the job before, why now? Just because the party lost miserably in an election it ought to be extinct or jump ship? You mean to tell me all these oldies don’t know how to tackle the ups and downs in the sport of politics?

I was personally involved in the recent election process. I witnessed for myself the shortcomings from the grassroot to upper leadership including the unpreparedness of candidates in certain constituencies, the ridiculously low level of political knowledge of candidates and their arrogant demeanor. If not for my MCA membership, I would have voted for the opposition myself.

In my most honest opinion, the whole management and leadership team of MCA ought to have resigned and a pro temp committee comprising some current leaders and young members to be formed to determine the next course of action for MCA. This will provide not only a more focused direction for the party but also to avoid the present on going fracas which is further splitting the party’s foundation.

In this respect, I cannot but agree with Tun Mahathir that the present leadership of BN ought to make way to ensure the revival of the party.

It means the President and all those people who work with him and those who are responsible for the policies of the party and the selection of the candidates.

~Angry member

April 21, 2008

ACA will become Malaysian Commission of Anti-Corruption

Badawi announces ACA will become Malaysian Commission of Anti-Corruption, independent of PM’s Department.

The ACA reforms will see the agency become commission reporting to Parliament anti-corruption committee. A whistleblower protection mechanism to be set up. Workforce to be tripled and reforms to be implemented by year end.

Wow… Badawi really working hard to make sure nobody else gets the chance to use trump cards before he steps aside in UMNO, eh? Tun M will be hopping mad. DS Anwar will be mad also because somebody else’s actions pre-empt his future great promises.

April 2, 2008

Tun Mahathir’s talk, why Khir Toyo and not Rafidah?

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hohoho, Khir Toyo also appear with Tun M at talk.

Heard Khir Toyo got booed each time he spoke. hehhehheh

A chair was also thrown when Khir Toyo’s ketua pemuda suggested Anwar’s return to UMNO. Hope Tun M’s heart not affected by the naughty fling.

I wonder if session would have been juicier if the organiser has invited Tun M’s little sister. You know, the cry baby ?

January 28, 2008

Lingam video’s 3rd explosive segment

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It’s out!!!!

So titillating and exciting, it even got them dogs talking.

See also Malaysiakini

hehehe… can’t wait for 4th segment…


January 18, 2008

Eager beaver Anwar’s getting in line to Lingam’s inquiry

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Mr. Velan, the lawyer for Anwar Ibrahim at the Royal Commission will be bringing 2 SECRET WITNESSES to counter Mahathir’s (I can’t remember. It’s my prerogative…) and Tengku Adnan’s (Lingam must be drunk…) statements. See Malaysiakini for more…

It’s understandable that Tengku Adnan would not admit outright but I still can’t comprehend how he could come out with such a shallow answer. He must be thinking the royal commission members are faux like him.

Anwar is also very eager to be called in asap as he has very important information.

This calls for a song and dance. OK everybody, join your hands together and sing the latest Malaysia ballad in unison. This ballad should have no problem reaching #1 in the popular category. Lyrics here. Music is up to you to make up yourself.

January 14, 2008

Mahathir, Lingam and the royal commission

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Myself won’t put high hopes for the Lingam royal commission to be put into action after the fact finding or after you have brought the nice published report. Myself brought the report by the royal commission on police last time and now regretting it lots. NATO only.

But… let not this deter you from enjoying the tantalising and titillating bits and pieces that the Lingam royal commission might bring you. Its better than Wah Lai Toi stuff anyway.

Malaysiakini reported an exclusive with a Mr Loh Mui Fah who came forward to say he was there when Lingam was captured having the nice high powered lobbying conversation in the videotape. He has found out that his naughty son has recorded the session with a high powered camera. He didn’t know who leaked the video to Mr PKR Anwar. He was also not happy with Anwar for sharing the recording with you and me. Horrors…! Anwar may have committed a terrible faux pas there (if he knew the owner of the recording and didn’t ask for permission, that is).

Why Mr Loh came out to confess? Because he was fed up with the tailing, threatening phone calls. Yes, a nice example of invasion on privacy at work here. I’m sure Mr Loh would support Chua Soi Lek if the former Health Minister were able to push for a Privacy Act. Speaking of which, we all also have to get ready for invasion on OUR personal privacy… as soon as those on-lease CCTVs are installed everywhere. Imagine, being caught on CCTV meeting a ‘personal’ friend on the streets.

Here’s a banana question for you: How did the nice Lingam recording get into the hands of Anwar?

NB: Why give Mahathir the limelight in my post title? Da man’s gotta be da link, man…

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