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May 6, 2011

Guilty. Malaysia Members of Parliament

Was too angry to post anything last few days.

How can one not be angry when a good man was betrayed in death by the laws of the country and a man who caused his sufferings and eventual death was virtually let off with a slap on the wrist? Imagine his family’s feelings at being let down by law.

Read this.

Do you know, we cannot blame the courts or the judge, as they can only be guided by laws set by Parliament. We have to be aware the instrument to protect the country and its people is the Malaysia laws and in this case, the transport laws have not moved with the times!

How come important laws have not been updated before we were told by Najib Razak that we should dream to become a high income nation?

What have all our Member of Parliaments and NGOs been doing all these years? So busy with Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat partisanship that they neglected to fight to update laws to protect the real rakyat?

Don’t give me the excuse ‘because one is not the government, one cannot do anything’. It is now time to name and find out if any of our MPs has been faithfully ‘memperjuangkan’ laws be updated to protect the rakyat. Let’s see if we can make up even a minimum total of 10% from the 222 MPs in the house fulfiling their responsibility to push for laws updating.

MPs, you are the ones who should say sorry to the nation, you are part of the body responsible that made Malaysians lives cheap enough for hit and run perpetrators all these years.

This coming general election, we must question all election candidates thoroughly before we even consider to donate a vote to them – Ask them bluntly and demand for substantive reply on what will they do to push laws to be updated so that justice can be fair to the people, or a husband, a father, a grandfather like Ong Kim Koon. Rakyat should not be apologetically relegated to just a number in the statistics just because of archaic laws – MPs do you job or risk be replaced in next GE.

Still am very angry.

March 22, 2011

Update: Nobody watched ‘blue’ movie in Parliament

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Here’s an update on my previous post – Nazri Aziz has now come out to protect sanctity of Parliament.

Nobody watched ‘blue’ movie in Parliament: Nazri (read Malaysiakini here)

April 18, 2010

Hulu Selangor (P.94) by-election

Good to hear that BN is giving chance to first timer contestant and fresh face to election, P. Kamalanathan (MIC information chief).

Good also to hear PKR is fielding Zaid Ibrahim, a former minister in Malaysian government (also previously Kota Bahru MP 2004-8).

Good luck to independent candidates: Johan Mohd Diah and  V.S. Chandran.

It is very interesting to hear both sides of Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat extolling what they think is good and wanted by people of Hulu Selangor.

Dear Hulu Selangorians, are all these representative proclamations made on your behalf good enough to represent what you, the Hulu Selangorians really want?

Would you be easily swayed by people who belittle you on your choice or decision to support a particular candidate?

Would you succumb to wishes of people who feed you rumours, unsubstantiated stories or scandals unrelated to your pursuit of happyness or daily existence as an everyday constituent of Hulu Selangor?

Remember, your decision and who you elect to represent your voice in Parliament as Hulu Selangor MP on the 25 April 2010 is your right to bear.

May 13, 2009

Party leader promising to act to set things right

Today was a busy day. Trust in politics has been eroded so much over the last week that I knew we needed to act fast to start setting things right. I began by meeting individual members of the Shadow Cabinet. We went through those claims that have caused concern, and they agreed to pay them back. There is a genuine desire to recognise and respond to the public anger.

Next I met the Shadow Cabinet as a whole and told them the immediate action I’m going to ask all my MPs to take. All expenses must be published online; you can’t ‘flip’ your second home to make more money; if you sell a home on which the taxpayer has been making mortgage interest payments, you have to pay Capital Gains Tax; and any claims on furniture, household goods, food – all those things we’ve read about – are banned.

After that I met the Executive of the 1922 Committee and then the whole of the Parliamentary Party. I went through the new rules in detail and told them about the key proposal for a Scrutiny Panel – including someone completely independent from the Party – to go over all excessive claims and see whether they need to be paid back. I had to be very clear about this: if they don’t co-operate with the Scrutiny Panel, they can’t continue to be MPs.

And it’s not just those in Parliament who need to understand this mission. It’s also those who aspire to be. Every single candidate has got to sign up to this new way of doing politics. They need to know that working in Parliament is a great privilege – one that must never be abused again.

All this is about being the change we seek. If we want responsibility in our society and thrift in our government, we’ve got to live by those values ourselves.


A Political Party Leader


Sigh…  no excuses, no spinning or whitewashing in newspapers or online news portal. Just zooming in straight on the problem, then zipping about restoring confidence in people simply by way of plain communication to show voters what action is undergoing and will be done.

How I wish Malaysian political party leader has the character and guts to do this. I don’t care from which party. Doesn’t matter if its a black cat or white cat. If it can catch the rats, it is the good cat. (Hear that, Malaysiakini? Give us both sides of the story too, ok?)

Any takers from UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, rest of the component parties in Barisan Nasional?

Any takers from PKR, DAP, PAS, rest of the Pakatan Rakyat?

Or am I putting too high a KPI beyond the capacity of Malaysian political leaders???

June 24, 2008

No, you cannot! Err… Yes, you can, my begging journalists…

According to Malaysiakini today:

More than 100 journalists are staging a boycott after the Parliament administration cut media access to the building’s lobby and barricaded the area.

Journalists from all print, online and electronic media decided to only cover the proceedings in the Dewan Rakyat and boycott all the press conferences or events held outside of the chamber.

The journalists were outraged and stunned by the latest ruling which has resulted in the entire lobby being cordoned off, apparently on security grounds.

This move has restricted the journalists from moving around freely in the lobby or approaching MPs directly.

Apparently, this is the first time Parliament enforced such ruling. Nazri Aziz said 5 of you journalists from each news agency are enough. If you come in a battalion, you are not efficient workers!!!

Proof of what he has blurted out to antagonise the bestest friends of any politicians is here.

And then at 2:15pm, a hero emerges from the depths of BN’s Backbencher’s Club, to gallantly remove the offending barricades to allow the begging media access to the Parliament lobby. And yes, according to loudmouth Bung Mokhtar, “It’s business as usual.”

Yup. A flip-flopping trend is now viral at Parliament.

Just like me virally infected noooooooose…

April 13, 2008

Today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow’s special: MPs wit and oratory performance featuring Khairy!

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When asked why about Khairy lying low after GE12, Datuk Rahman Dahlan (UMNO Youth Executive Secretary) added:

“Interestingly enough, Parliament will probably be the place for him to regain the people’s confidence. I believe if he performs in Parliament and matches the wit and the oratory skills of Opposition members and defend the Government and UMNO from the barrage of expected criticism from the Opposition, he can bounce back. I believe this Parliament sesion is going to be interesting for him.”

hohohoho… UMNO youth’s limited understanding thinks that Parliament is a propagandist vehicle.

According to this joker, to be a good Parliamentarian would mean using wit and oratory skills to defend the Government and UMNO from criticisms.

…and I thought Parliament is the place to speak and debate on lawmaking for Malaysia. Not to promote party lines.

Could this mean live telecast of Parliament sitting will be an indoctrination session for all Malaysians. Yuckkkkks…

I also worry for PKR’s and DAP’s MPs. They may be bored to death just sitting passively in their seats throughout the sessions. Some cannot speak Bahasa Malaysia. Can listen, understand maybe but cannot debate cos Bahasa Malaysia tak boleh pakai, mah.

And so a very likely possibility is that Khairy the UMNO machine, may hog the telecast with his solo debates to showcase his wit and oratory skills onto us hapless citizens.

Next GE, must put up one more condition for MP candidates: “What do you know of lawmaking and its processes?”

March 18, 2008

PM unveiled new cabinet lineup: My wish only partly came true

PM unveiled new cabinet lineup just now. I’m happy for most part and unhappy and suspicious for some.

Happy 🙂

Rafidah Aziz, Jamaluddin Jarjis are out

Zaid Ibrahim in (hurray!)

Shahrir Samad in (double hurray!)

Maximus Ongkili (good la, let’s see if he can do magic for this very important new economy driver)

Rais Yatim and Tunku Azlan (gentlemen, please redeem Malaysia’s image)

UnHappy 😦

Nazri Aziz still lurking around (Zaid, please jaga this fella prone to gangster characteristics & outbursts)

Nor Mohd Yakcop (I very suspicious he able to handle bad times economy, but I take consolation in Amirsham Abdul Aziz’s expertise will outshine this Md Yakcop’s)

Noh Omar (Please take care of your utterances from now on, else the entrepreneurs will all run far away)

Azalina Othman (No more Brickendonbury, ok?)

New UnHappy (grrrr…)

Muhammad Muhd Taib (aiyo, yo, RPK – please train your binoculars on this guy 24/7!!!)

Suspicious quality:

Mohd Zin Mohd (can he do better than what he did with Islamic matters?)

Ooooh… PM, we await with bated breath, who’s the new people to take over 4th floor….

February 13, 2008

Malaysia Parliament dissolved today

PM went to meet the Agong this morning 8am.

PM made announcement dissolution of Parliament at 12:30pm in Putrajaya just now.

Yesterday, PM told newsmen and Malaysiakini said Parliament will not be dissolved today.

Everyday man would say this is a major case of flip flopping here… a poor show of leadership.

My little scheming mind thinks… (drumroll, please) what a nice show of a Machiavellian hand.

Caya you, Badawi?

December 11, 2007

Bersih: Roads to Parliament blocked

Dear PM Badawi,

A handful of your people are increasing their attempts to communicate with you. Their outreach methods via demonstrations, etc may be clumsy, ‘intolerant’ and ‘not the Malaysian way’ but please do take a listen to them. Please give these people who may have voted for you in 2004, a chance to reach out to you.

In 2004, I believed in your image of a ‘persuasive leader‘. I still want to believe it.

Dominant and institutional leaderships just do not cut it anymore.

Do connect with your people, especially the disenchanted ones. Use blue ocean strategy or whatever that’s believeable and workable. I’m sure you have with you, suitable advisors with adequate life experiences to assist you through.

Breaking news from Malaysiakini.

November 28, 2007

Hindraf: Analysis, Commentaries and Solidarity (after the fact)

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It’s strange that we do not hear many people expressing their solidarity with the HINDRAF walkers before 25 Nov happened. The solidarity meter climbed up high after we have been exposed to last Sunday’s visual stimuli. Amazing… a proof that did not fail to remind that humans are firstly, visual creatures.

I hope Mr Lim Kit Siang will not to come up with a label like perhaps, ‘2511’ for this event. Guess it’s the apek thingy to put numbers for every significant things. I suppose it makes it so much easier to remember and for trying one’s luck punting at Toto, Magnum and the horse thingy (can’t remember the name, me not punter).

It’s good Mr Lim Kit Siang did the jig with Mr SK Devamany about Hindraft at Parliament. However, I don’t think Mr SK Devamany must be punished by all sides (BN and opposition players).

Look, the way I see it, Mr Devamany was just doing his duty speaking as a member of the ruling government (BN) in the Al-Jazeera interview. In Parliament, however, Mr Devamany should be looked at as not merely a representative of the government but first and foremost- a Member of Parliament for Cameron Highlands constituency. A functional Parliament recognises MPs, not government servants lar… Thus, logical for his articulation in Parliament on behalf of his fellow Malaysians. By his actions, it shows somewhat that he is aware of his responsibilities.

I feel it’s a bit hasty on the part of some of us to cast the first stones at Mr Devamany. As I turn the kaleidoscope, I could not help but feel the action of Mr Devamany is more honourable than those who were or are unable to draw a clear distinction between their position in government/political parties and elected roles as MP (or MP in waiting). Maybe because Mr Devamany did what he did at Parliament because he also sits on the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on Integrity. Maybe.

How I wish our shackled mainstream journalists are allowed to write events as such without bias… free to exercise their viewpoints from all angles, multi-perspectives. I also wish would also try to give us more multi-perspectival reporting. The forth estate has a role to stimulate us. As Evanescence would sing, “Bring me to life“.

Then, there may be hope yet for the government and reform for all its players within/out the system, for now and eternity. Sigh*

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