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November 8, 2009

Invite Najib to manage MCA? No need, coup drama ends soon

Hishammuddin Hussein must have enjoyed playing the devil’s advocate when he mischievously suggested tis high time the MCA leadership seek Barisan Nasional’s chairman Najib Razak’s help to intervene in MCA’s internal affairs.

Looks like MCA’s 2nd echelon leaders are now given the final warning through the mouth of their favorite UMNO brother.

Liow Tiong Lai (another specimen of a flip flopper), Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun better pay heed to UMNO’s signal and not misread it as UMNO’s support for their coup attempt.


1. 1Malaysians continues to enjoy reading and gossiping about MCA’s infernal affairs over their morning kopi, roti bakar and half boiled egg

2. The aunties get to learn a thing or two on how not to convene an EGM to resolve internal home problems

3. Political newbies get a chance of a lifetime to observe first hand the do’s and don’ts of Chinese politics, especially the part on how to avoid being a hapless political pawn.

As for me, I’ll be eagerly awaiting for MCA coup drama to fizzle out, hopefully the MCA kids to please be on their best behaviour themselves when Comrade Hu Jintao arrives on November 10 in Malaysia to talk economy.

And, I’m already excited anticipating 2012‘s premier next week.


July 9, 2009

That’s why I’m not paying you a cent more, my dear Senator…

I’ve got to hand it over to Malaysian made Senators.

Try watching on tv how them Senators do their debate on the Bills passed from Dewan Rakyat.

I promise you, your ‘gaping in surprise’ mouth will need to be forced shut. Mine never failed to contort into a giant O shape whenever I happened to be unfortunate enough to watch a Dewan Negara in session.

The standard no brainer inquiry would range from “Boleh jelaskan apakah definasi …?” (for more added fun, you can fill out this blank with your personal favorite subject of concern). Or, “Apakah fungsi kementerian dalam menangani isu …? (again, fill out with your personal favorite subject of the day)

… and I thought all Senators are appointed for their rendered distinguished public service or have achieved distinction in the professions, commerce, industry, agriculture, cultural activities or social service? Remember, Senators get appointed as national gatekeepers to check and countercheck on Dewan Rakyat’s Bill, specifically to debate its legitimacy or constitutionality before sending it through to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

And since our Senators have not satisfactorily performed their duties as entrusted on their positions, I say reject their call for a raise in salary.

Heck… reduce their salaries for even dared to ask for salary increment at taxpayers’ expense in this difficult economy.

Read below report for yourself to see how confused them Senators are about their duties and responsibilities.

It’s high time for direct election of Senators!

(Apologies to newly appointed Senate President Wong Foon Meng, you’re alright as a Speaker, its just them on the floor who’s clearly not cut out to perform such heavy duties that makes me hopping mad.)

Senators say more money will help them help you

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 — Some senators today proposed that the government increase their salary, allowances and allocations for them to serve the people more effectively.

Senator Datuk Akbar Ali said senators received smaller allocations from the members of parliament as the senators were not allocated a constituency unlike the assemblymen and MPs.

“But our area is bigger, it’s a whole state, whole of Malaysia. So, I suggest our salary, allowances and allocations be increased.

“With the increase, I believe we will be able to carry out our tasks and responsibilities more efficiently, in line with the emphasis on making people the priority as contained in the 1 Malaysia concept,” he said when debating the Enforcement Agency Integrity Bill 2009 in the Dewan Negara today.

Akbar said currently, the salary and allowances for senators were at par with Grade 54 in the public sector, and he also asked that the allocation be RM200,000 annually and not for three years.

“We are the lawmakers, but our salary is below that of Jusa C. What’s wrong with allocating each of us RM200,000 a year to facilitate our implementation of the “people first” concept?”, he said.

Senator Tan Sri Jins Shamsudin interjected Akbar’s debate speech, saying that the allocation given to the senators was insufficient as they too served the people.

“I often speak at ceramah and there people approach me for donations. I contribute from my allocation. I finished all of last year’s allocation as that’s my contribution as a member of the Dewan Negara (Senate).

“If the allocation is finished before the year ends, we should be able to ask for an additional allocation as it’s not for us but for the people,” he said.

Akbar said the insufficient allowances and allocations could result in senators looking for other means to raise funds and this could result in conflict of interest or even wrongdoing, thus tarnishing the integrity of the Senate.

The Dewan Negara sitting continues tomorrow. – Bernama

June 13, 2009

An Open letter to all Malaysian bloggers and blog commentators

Dear caring Malaysians,


I am writing to you on a matter of great urgency which cannot be held back anymore as the health of our nation is in great distress.

Before proceeding, kindly allow me to register this caveat,

“This post is written with the intention not to demean, hurt anybody’s feelings, slander or just an empty criticism to score a political point.”

Back to the business of this letter.

I am sure many of us have written, commented and discussed many issues shouted out everyday by the newspapers and blogs. Many with email addresses have not managed to escape the uncountable forwarded emails from friends which brings ‘news’ of distressing accusations (slander?) against another human being.

As people of admirable cultural background and gentle nature, this identity was not found demonstrated in what we write and speak. Not in the blogs and newspapers. Not in our kopitiam forums.

Daily vitriolings, scoldings are lashed on anybody/things, especially so if we do not like he/she/that. A friend decided that this must be the result of commando style upbringing which brook no dissenting viewpoints or approvals for efforts made lest the child gets inflated and big headed from too much self pride.

Imagine no words used to recognise however small the efforts at home or the workplace for the child or the adult. Slowly, the spirit die… unless the individual has the most hard of heart and resolute of mind.

We treat fellow Malaysians badly in blogs, we scold them, some simply f…k another for having a different view. Very seldom bloggers and commentators can offer ideas or recognise efforts made by friends and imagined foes especially of the political opposite.

A blog is not just a blog. A comment is not just a comment. It reflects the writer’s true moral nature and the real love or spite residing within. Anything written by us will document just that.

However, I see hope.

I found that there is a handful of bloggers and commentators who are able to rise above the noise, with admirable rational civility in discourse, helping us to uplift our thinking to a higher level.

May we see more of your tribe to rise, to help nurture fellow rakyat to be lovers of rationality, logic and truth as Malaysia tries to carve a place for itself in the future of economic technology.


March 19, 2009

Wanita UMNO chief contest: Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Hear ye, hear ye, Wanita UMNO ladies… did the respected Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail sent you ladies a hint! hint! yesterday?

Let the contest begin with a nice compendium of nice short Snippets (or is it called Sound Bites now?)



A sad woman’s comment:

Snippet #1:

Perwakilan Wanita UMNO perlu pikir sedalam-dalamnya sebelum memilih Ketua Wanitanya.

Perkara paling penting yang mesti dipertimbangkan:

1. Masa depan Wanita UMNO, iaitu dalam jangkamasa kini ke PRU 13.

2. Kebolehan Wanita UMNO untuk berpidato politik untuk bertanding dengan pembangkang dari Pakatan Rakyat. Tanya orangramai dan rata-rata akan berkata Wanita UMNO tidak dapat menonjolkan kebolehan berfikir atau berdebat. Memasak boleh lah.

3. Parti komponen kedua terbesar MCA mempunyai ketua Wanita yang muda. Wanita UMNO bila pula?

4. Ketua Wanita baru perlu memperjuangkan hak Wanita terutama dalam suasana ekonomi yang suram ini. Tanya betul-betul kat Rafidah dan Shahrizat, apa pelan mereka bagi memperjuangkan kesejahteraan kaum Wanita.



Rafidah says that until to the end of the world the Malay women in UMNO will need to throng house to house to do voters survey! Yikes!!! All Wanita UMNO members better load up on your whitening lotions and sun blocks SPF50++ quickly!!! PRU 13 not very far away, you know…

On second thought, how the heck can the women do this in high rise and swanky households of KL, Selangor? One can walk and walk, houses to houses but one can only interview the maids cos the “Tuan tak ada rumah!” I wonder if the baju kurungs of Wanita UMNO can withstand the bites of upset imported dogs… heheheehe…

Snippet # 2:

“Ada kalangan wanita UMNO yang menyebut soal perubahan kerana mereka kata sampai bila Wanita UMNO hendak jadi peraih undi?

RAFIDAH: Sampai kiamat.

Mingguan Malaysia Rafidah memaparkan kenapa beliau ingin terus menerajui Wanita.



A blogger said there’s nothing to shout about Wanita UMNO’s non-achievements so far:

Snippet # 3:
“Jika menyorok sejarah wanita, tiada apa yang boleh dibanggakan oleh sayap parti itu, tiada sumbangan boleh dijadikan buah tangan untuk ahli Umno.

Apa yang wanita Umno tahu adalah melaksanakan lawatan sambil belajar, ke luar negara. Itu sahaja. Rafidah perlu memikirkan satu gagasan idea yang terbaik bagi menjenamakan semula Wanita Umno.”

~Guana Gu



eh… the journalist also agreed with the blogger on change…
Apparently them journalists are also tired of no ideas from Rafidah despite queening it as Wanita UMNO chief all these years…

Snippet # 4:

“Minta maaf Kak Dah dan siapa jua penyokong Kak Dah. Rata-rata editor kanan MSM yang ada sekarang adalah wartawan sebelum ini yang pernah membuat liputan majlis Kak Dah. Dan mungkin Kak Dah ingat jika ada wartawan yang pernah menemui Kak Dah selepas Kak Dah memberi ucapan.

Biasanya selepas Kak Dah atau mana-mana pemimpin memberi ucapan, para wartawan akan menemui pemimpin itu untuk mendapatkan berita susulan. Dan ada di antara kami yang menemui Kak Dah untuk bertanyakan berita susulan. Kami bertanya kepada Kak Dah satu soalan dan Kak Dah menjawab: “Tadi saya sudah beri ucapan dan awak semua boleh tulis ucapan saya”. Itu kata Kak Dah.

Seorang wartawan menjawab: YB… your speech is nothing. Give us another story.” Itu yang salah seorang daripada kami bertanya.

Ya… dari dulu lagi Kak Dah sudah tidak ada idea. Kejadian yang saya ceritakan itu berlaku pada 1988. Dan sekarang 2008. Bermakna sudah berapa tahun? Dan Kak Dah sudah tua dan memang tidak layak lagi memimpin Wanita Umno. Namun, saya tidak berkata bahawa Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil adalah lebih baik.”




Here’s a brief biodata compiled by a fellow blogger on Rafidah Aziz that the people on the street still can remember and gossip about:

Snippet # 5:

RAFIDAH AZIZ – menerima banyak kejutan dalam usaha mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Wanita. Pernah dituduh menjadi punca merosotnya jualan kereta nasional, Proton, kerana menggunakan kedudukannya sebagai Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri sebelum 2004 dengan mengeluarkan terlalu banyak permit import (AP) bagi kereta Korea Selatan, khasnya KIA.

Dituduh bersekongkol dan mendapat laba besar daripada Naza Motors kerana hubungan rapatnya dengan Allahyarham Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin. Naza juga dikatakan memberi saham besar kepada Rafidah.

Sepertimana juga Mohd. Ali Rustam (laporan di Malaysiakini), Rafidah dikecam kerana mendapat habuan besar daripada setiap pelabur asing yang ingin menanam modal di Malaysia. Tidak cukup dengan itu, beliau dilabel sebagai ‘Wanita Besi’ kerana tidak dapat menerima kekalahannya kepada Siti Zaharah bagi jawatan Ketua Wanita suatu ketika dahulu. Ahli Parlimen Kuala Kangsar ini masih tidak dapat lari daripada fitnah mewujudkan kem sendiri bagi jawatankuasa Pergerakan Wanita Malaysia.

~Just read!

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